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Posted by Tuesday, September 29, 2009 1 comments

Wow! What a wonderful fall this is turning out to be! I have always loved going to the game and being the 12th man, er ... woman. On game day I don my fan gear and head out early to the tailgate lots. No matter what the weather, no matter who we are playing, I am decked out in purple and ready to rant, root and rave! Every year I lose my voice early in the season and I croak like a frog until mid January! This year, I am hoping to keep my husky vocals all the way through, do I dare say it, post –season February!

Heading to the lots this year is even more exciting than usual. Now that I have taken to blogging for Ravens Chix Chat and have an alias name of Kosmo Krys, I have yet another reason to meander through M&T. In an effort to build a following for Ravens Chix Chat I have the pleasure of roaming the parties and checking out the sites. You can find me and the Ravens24x7 crew cruising about, meeting the awesome Baltimore fans, exchanging game analysis, checking out fan attire and enjoying the simple pleasures of game day.

No matter where I ramble, everyone that I meet is fantastic. The energy that the Ravens’ fans put out is enormous and genuine. This week we pre-gamed at Mother’s. The visual of the entire patio draped in purple was amazing. I jumped right in the royal colored sea asking groups of beautiful women if I could take their picture. The ladies are wonderful! I am greeted with smiles, nods, and important diva comments like “how does my hair look?” or “wait let me put on some gloss”! Chicas you can trust me! There will be no bad hair, fuzzy pics or lousy shots allowed on this site! If I take your pic I’ll review it with you and get your okay!

Some Chix asked me to get in the photos, which I appreciate, I am not camera shy. However, I don’t like to get in the photo because that usually means we got to get some bonehead guy to take the picture. And Chix, we know how much most guys like taking photos. They’ll say something like, “UH, yeah, sure I’ll take the pic,” and then snap the shutter before we are set. They’ll quickly hand back the camera without checking review, “Here, done, yeah you looked great!” Nope I leave the picture taking to the ladies, unless you have a “metro” guy friend.

I took tons of pics and met lots of really cool Chix. Many who I talked to are already on board with RCC. So I thank you all for greeting me with open arms, letting me hang out with you and share in your game day fun! Ravens Chix are the best and we are going to keep our Ravens rocking through the season.

Check out our fan pics here at Birdwatcher.

Rave On Chix!

Kosmo Krys

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Sunday funday was a spectacular day! For an early season game it was an awesome win! Winning was all the sweeter when the talking heads pegged us as underdogs. Plus the win was really sweetened by a Steelers loss!

Joe and our O line not only had a great day passing, but they really made things happen in the red zone. Though the defense had some trouble keeping Rivers from passing effectively, our boys made the plays that needed to be made to keep the Chargers out of the end zone!

What can we say about our ultimate Ravens player #52? Ray continues to show his leadership, amazing talents and field domination!

Had it been a home game, the 12th man’s energy would have blown the roof off the stadium! Whether you were watching with fans at your local watering hole, with your buds at a house party or chilling solo on your sofa, this was the kind of game that inspired white knuckled grips, anxious pacing and knotted stomachs until the bitter end. Hey, that’s how Ravens do it! It’s how we play and that is what the fans have come to expect. Isn’t that what we mean when we say “Play like a RAVEN?” Our Ravens play hard, play fierce and play to win. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

This Sunday’s v. Cleveland appears to be an easy victory yet the team needs to show the same type of offensive momentum and hard fought determination as last week’s game. It is after all a divisional battle and winning will count toward our post-season ranking and eligibility. Da Browns, no matter how bad everyone says they are, are hungry for a win. It’s very early in the season and the tides can change for any team. The Ravens and their 12th man need to come to M&T and Play like a RAVEN!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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SUNDAY FUNDAY: Football Ravens Style!

Posted by Tuesday, September 15, 2009 1 comments

After 2 days of gray clouds, down pours and cool temperatures it seemed like the skies over Ravenstown would never be blue again. But then on Opening Day 2009, the passionate fans of purple were greeted with abundant sunshine, warm air and and clear skies paving the way to an awesome day in the tailgate lots.

Good thing too because I was going crazy thinking that I’d have to dress in long pants, long sleeve tee, sweatshirts and then top it all off with a steamy poncho! Early season games are not made for such cumbersome attire! For Ravens Chix early season games are for shorts, cute little tees, sandals and accessories that show off the tan you've worked on all summer long!

Needless to say the first official tailgate party at M&T Bank Stadium 2009 opened with a huge success. As my RCC crew filed into Mothers Purple Patio we were greeted with rocking music, a sea of purple passion and cups of orange crush libations. This is a sight to bring a smile to any fan! I'd like to extend thanks to all the wonderful fans that let Birdwatcher capture your purple party swagger!

As we moved onto the" beloved tailgate lots" we met up with the SWAT Team and got a taste of tailgating Lot H style. Tons of delicious shrimp, meatballs and other goodies dazzled our palates! Wow! An added benefit to the SWAT teams tailgate was live music – the awesome acoustical sounds of Ed Lauer!

Food, libations, music and good friends were everywhere you looked. The lots are so much fun, the energy was so high, it seemed a shame to have to leave. Sometimes you need to be reminded that the tailgate party is the opening act for the main event.

As we headed to the gates, always stopping to rub the foot of Johnny, we shouted cheers, we raved over other fan gear and frolicked in a sea of purple. The stadium rocked from the moment you step inside the brick fa├žade. The players were pumped and the fans where off the hook!

Needless to say the good guys sporting white on this warm Sunday served up a memorable game to enjoy! Would we expect anything less from Ravens football? Is that what they mean when the say "play like a Raven?"

I wonder how the coaches keep their cool. Most times they do. You can watch as they pace, they whisper into clipboards, they spit, they rub their faces, straighten there cap a thousand times, they chew gum at record speeds and when they have lost their last nerve, then they finally give in and just rant!

As I soaked in the glorious sun fun filled day, sticking to my purple seat, I mourned the end of summer, longed for the breezy ocean air and the cool sand between my toes. But ah yes, a wonderful opening day event... sun, friends, music, food, drink and winning... the perfect combination!

If summer has to end, Ravens football is more than an acceptable compromise.

In fact it’s the perfect anecdote and this week’s game delivered.

What a Sunday Funday!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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Now that the regular season has arrived teams, players, owners, media and fans are busy focusing on the game preparations which include player readiness, stats, game day strategies and last minute free agent acquisitions. I leave those details to the sports professionals and instead focus on what I know best “fan preparation.” My thoughts are on where will I tailgate, what will I eat and drink and which fan gear should I wear?

First and most importantly I focus on my tailgate location.

Not having an M&T stadium parking lot pass I resort to brown bagging it and cruising the lots visiting friends with parking privileges. I pack a small bit of munchies and drink into my small purple cooler and roam from tailgate to tailgate, greeting old friends and making new ones along the way. Not only do I get to enjoy the sights and sounds of several parties I am always offered samplings of wonderful tailgate menus and must try drinks.

Don’t get me wrong I am not out to freeload off the generosity Ravens fans, I come prepared and offer up my small array of goodies and drink and always offer to make a monetary contribution to the next tailgate party. The parking lot parties are insanely fun! And while cruising the lots and checking out the sights, feeling the pregame energy just increases the anticipation of the game kickoff.

Not all the tailgate activities happen on the lot. Local watering holes are just the place when the weather is foul and you want a hot meal and warm drink. Ravens fans and very often the opponent’s fans are buzzing the bars for pregame analysis, a little bit of friendly smack talk and good grub. Having accommodating facilities is an added benefit for us female fans.

Never discount an invite to an offsite tailgate party. These fans try extra hard to make up for their not so prime locations! There is usually plenty of room to toss balls and play lot games. As with the stadium lots these tailgaters know what to bring and how to roll it out. Though they wrap up their parties a little earlier than the lot, due to the walking distance, these small lots are filled with die-hard fans who form bands of friendship because they park next to each other every home game day!

The art to tailgating is amazing! I am truly impressed by the all male tailgate parties! Their parties are so pulled together. On the lots they are organized, efficient, clean and neat, qualities that I suspect are not utilized in their kitchens at home (I am just sayin’). These are men who at home have no culinary skills, live in man caves (yes even some that are married) and think that the tee sleeve is a napkin. However on the lot they cover tables with cloths, have their condiments in labeled Tupperware, use hand towels, and dish out food and drink on coordinated Ravens colored utensils and paper goods. These tailgate macho men set up party spreads that would make Martha Stewart proud.

Does the term metrosexual mean anything here?

As this season approaches I once again wonder if I’d be better off with a season parking pass. Maybe it would serve me well when I am too old to walk the distance but right now my purple cooler and I are just fine cruising the lots - Ravens style!
Yeah, bring it on!

Peace Out,

Kosmo Krys

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Football and all that surrounds it, unless you are a cheerleader, it is all about being a guy. On the field and off there is the display of muscles, smash mouth talk, and body slams. Sundays at M&T Bank Stadium are cloaked in a blanket of testosterone from the tailgating right up to the game’s final whistle. There is very little space for those of us of the feminine gender to spread our estrogen wings and enjoy football from a female perspective.

As females, we love football and all that it offers for very different reasons than our male counterparts. Men love football because of the battle in the game, they live to dominate, crush opponents and fight for survival of the fittest. The game itself fulfills man’s basic instinct of survival. Many female fans understand and enjoy this male perspective of football. These ladies can debate, discuss and analyze game play and player performance with any man. For other women, though we do get caught up in the battle, it’s the bonding and belonging that attracts us to the game.

I do enjoy the competiveness of the sport. I appreciate the “physical play” of the game, the game plan and the analysis of plays and players. Even more than the game itself, I really enjoy being a “fan” and all that goes with “fandom”. I love the community of energy that builds during the pre game, the tension and excitement that flows from the fans during the game, and the emotional unity felt by fans and players alike at the end of the game, win or lose.

Women seek acceptance and friendship. Being a football fan offers women the emotional charge that we enjoy from that sense of belonging to a community and our desire to share. We really love the social aspect of the game, the pre game parties, the friendships made on the stadium lots, the mid week pep rallies, the tailgate and game day party planning, the sharing of fan tips, yes even football knowledge, and most importantly that common thread that brings all fans together, the Baltimore Ravens are my football team!

Whether you agree or disagree with my personal perspective welcome to Ravens Chix Chat! This football blog is all about being female and belonging to a community of female Ravens fans. No matter what your football IQ, I invite you, I encourage you, to share your thoughts and interest about football, fans and anything else that you, a Ravens Chick, would like to share. This page has plenty of room for lots of fun, insightful, and useful information for all Ravens Chix. Don’t be shy, cause here in the “Ladies Room” you can Root, Rant and Rave!

I just did!

Stay Cool,

Kosmo Krys, Ravens Diva

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