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Catching Ravens Chix on Birdwatcher!

Posted by Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wow! What a wonderful fall this is turning out to be! I have always loved going to the game and being the 12th man, er ... woman. On game day I don my fan gear and head out early to the tailgate lots. No matter what the weather, no matter who we are playing, I am decked out in purple and ready to rant, root and rave! Every year I lose my voice early in the season and I croak like a frog until mid January! This year, I am hoping to keep my husky vocals all the way through, do I dare say it, post –season February!

Heading to the lots this year is even more exciting than usual. Now that I have taken to blogging for Ravens Chix Chat and have an alias name of Kosmo Krys, I have yet another reason to meander through M&T. In an effort to build a following for Ravens Chix Chat I have the pleasure of roaming the parties and checking out the sites. You can find me and the Ravens24x7 crew cruising about, meeting the awesome Baltimore fans, exchanging game analysis, checking out fan attire and enjoying the simple pleasures of game day.

No matter where I ramble, everyone that I meet is fantastic. The energy that the Ravens’ fans put out is enormous and genuine. This week we pre-gamed at Mother’s. The visual of the entire patio draped in purple was amazing. I jumped right in the royal colored sea asking groups of beautiful women if I could take their picture. The ladies are wonderful! I am greeted with smiles, nods, and important diva comments like “how does my hair look?” or “wait let me put on some gloss”! Chicas you can trust me! There will be no bad hair, fuzzy pics or lousy shots allowed on this site! If I take your pic I’ll review it with you and get your okay!

Some Chix asked me to get in the photos, which I appreciate, I am not camera shy. However, I don’t like to get in the photo because that usually means we got to get some bonehead guy to take the picture. And Chix, we know how much most guys like taking photos. They’ll say something like, “UH, yeah, sure I’ll take the pic,” and then snap the shutter before we are set. They’ll quickly hand back the camera without checking review, “Here, done, yeah you looked great!” Nope I leave the picture taking to the ladies, unless you have a “metro” guy friend.

I took tons of pics and met lots of really cool Chix. Many who I talked to are already on board with RCC. So I thank you all for greeting me with open arms, letting me hang out with you and share in your game day fun! Ravens Chix are the best and we are going to keep our Ravens rocking through the season.

Check out our fan pics here at Birdwatcher.

Rave On Chix!

Kosmo Krys

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  1. Great idea for this blog and Kosmo Krys! And those birds are so cute at the top. I'd love a tee-shirt like that!

    Good luck RCC!


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