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Football and all that surrounds it, unless you are a cheerleader, it is all about being a guy. On the field and off there is the display of muscles, smash mouth talk, and body slams. Sundays at M&T Bank Stadium are cloaked in a blanket of testosterone from the tailgating right up to the game’s final whistle. There is very little space for those of us of the feminine gender to spread our estrogen wings and enjoy football from a female perspective.

As females, we love football and all that it offers for very different reasons than our male counterparts. Men love football because of the battle in the game, they live to dominate, crush opponents and fight for survival of the fittest. The game itself fulfills man’s basic instinct of survival. Many female fans understand and enjoy this male perspective of football. These ladies can debate, discuss and analyze game play and player performance with any man. For other women, though we do get caught up in the battle, it’s the bonding and belonging that attracts us to the game.

I do enjoy the competiveness of the sport. I appreciate the “physical play” of the game, the game plan and the analysis of plays and players. Even more than the game itself, I really enjoy being a “fan” and all that goes with “fandom”. I love the community of energy that builds during the pre game, the tension and excitement that flows from the fans during the game, and the emotional unity felt by fans and players alike at the end of the game, win or lose.

Women seek acceptance and friendship. Being a football fan offers women the emotional charge that we enjoy from that sense of belonging to a community and our desire to share. We really love the social aspect of the game, the pre game parties, the friendships made on the stadium lots, the mid week pep rallies, the tailgate and game day party planning, the sharing of fan tips, yes even football knowledge, and most importantly that common thread that brings all fans together, the Baltimore Ravens are my football team!

Whether you agree or disagree with my personal perspective welcome to Ravens Chix Chat! This football blog is all about being female and belonging to a community of female Ravens fans. No matter what your football IQ, I invite you, I encourage you, to share your thoughts and interest about football, fans and anything else that you, a Ravens Chick, would like to share. This page has plenty of room for lots of fun, insightful, and useful information for all Ravens Chix. Don’t be shy, cause here in the “Ladies Room” you can Root, Rant and Rave!

I just did!

Stay Cool,

Kosmo Krys, Ravens Diva


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