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I'm GAMETIME ready and TAILGATE cruising!

Posted by Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now that the regular season has arrived teams, players, owners, media and fans are busy focusing on the game preparations which include player readiness, stats, game day strategies and last minute free agent acquisitions. I leave those details to the sports professionals and instead focus on what I know best “fan preparation.” My thoughts are on where will I tailgate, what will I eat and drink and which fan gear should I wear?

First and most importantly I focus on my tailgate location.

Not having an M&T stadium parking lot pass I resort to brown bagging it and cruising the lots visiting friends with parking privileges. I pack a small bit of munchies and drink into my small purple cooler and roam from tailgate to tailgate, greeting old friends and making new ones along the way. Not only do I get to enjoy the sights and sounds of several parties I am always offered samplings of wonderful tailgate menus and must try drinks.

Don’t get me wrong I am not out to freeload off the generosity Ravens fans, I come prepared and offer up my small array of goodies and drink and always offer to make a monetary contribution to the next tailgate party. The parking lot parties are insanely fun! And while cruising the lots and checking out the sights, feeling the pregame energy just increases the anticipation of the game kickoff.

Not all the tailgate activities happen on the lot. Local watering holes are just the place when the weather is foul and you want a hot meal and warm drink. Ravens fans and very often the opponent’s fans are buzzing the bars for pregame analysis, a little bit of friendly smack talk and good grub. Having accommodating facilities is an added benefit for us female fans.

Never discount an invite to an offsite tailgate party. These fans try extra hard to make up for their not so prime locations! There is usually plenty of room to toss balls and play lot games. As with the stadium lots these tailgaters know what to bring and how to roll it out. Though they wrap up their parties a little earlier than the lot, due to the walking distance, these small lots are filled with die-hard fans who form bands of friendship because they park next to each other every home game day!

The art to tailgating is amazing! I am truly impressed by the all male tailgate parties! Their parties are so pulled together. On the lots they are organized, efficient, clean and neat, qualities that I suspect are not utilized in their kitchens at home (I am just sayin’). These are men who at home have no culinary skills, live in man caves (yes even some that are married) and think that the tee sleeve is a napkin. However on the lot they cover tables with cloths, have their condiments in labeled Tupperware, use hand towels, and dish out food and drink on coordinated Ravens colored utensils and paper goods. These tailgate macho men set up party spreads that would make Martha Stewart proud.

Does the term metrosexual mean anything here?

As this season approaches I once again wonder if I’d be better off with a season parking pass. Maybe it would serve me well when I am too old to walk the distance but right now my purple cooler and I are just fine cruising the lots - Ravens style!
Yeah, bring it on!

Peace Out,

Kosmo Krys


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