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SUNDAY FUNDAY: Football Ravens Style!

Posted by Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After 2 days of gray clouds, down pours and cool temperatures it seemed like the skies over Ravenstown would never be blue again. But then on Opening Day 2009, the passionate fans of purple were greeted with abundant sunshine, warm air and and clear skies paving the way to an awesome day in the tailgate lots.

Good thing too because I was going crazy thinking that I’d have to dress in long pants, long sleeve tee, sweatshirts and then top it all off with a steamy poncho! Early season games are not made for such cumbersome attire! For Ravens Chix early season games are for shorts, cute little tees, sandals and accessories that show off the tan you've worked on all summer long!

Needless to say the first official tailgate party at M&T Bank Stadium 2009 opened with a huge success. As my RCC crew filed into Mothers Purple Patio we were greeted with rocking music, a sea of purple passion and cups of orange crush libations. This is a sight to bring a smile to any fan! I'd like to extend thanks to all the wonderful fans that let Birdwatcher capture your purple party swagger!

As we moved onto the" beloved tailgate lots" we met up with the SWAT Team and got a taste of tailgating Lot H style. Tons of delicious shrimp, meatballs and other goodies dazzled our palates! Wow! An added benefit to the SWAT teams tailgate was live music – the awesome acoustical sounds of Ed Lauer!

Food, libations, music and good friends were everywhere you looked. The lots are so much fun, the energy was so high, it seemed a shame to have to leave. Sometimes you need to be reminded that the tailgate party is the opening act for the main event.

As we headed to the gates, always stopping to rub the foot of Johnny, we shouted cheers, we raved over other fan gear and frolicked in a sea of purple. The stadium rocked from the moment you step inside the brick fa├žade. The players were pumped and the fans where off the hook!

Needless to say the good guys sporting white on this warm Sunday served up a memorable game to enjoy! Would we expect anything less from Ravens football? Is that what they mean when the say "play like a Raven?"

I wonder how the coaches keep their cool. Most times they do. You can watch as they pace, they whisper into clipboards, they spit, they rub their faces, straighten there cap a thousand times, they chew gum at record speeds and when they have lost their last nerve, then they finally give in and just rant!

As I soaked in the glorious sun fun filled day, sticking to my purple seat, I mourned the end of summer, longed for the breezy ocean air and the cool sand between my toes. But ah yes, a wonderful opening day event... sun, friends, music, food, drink and winning... the perfect combination!

If summer has to end, Ravens football is more than an acceptable compromise.

In fact it’s the perfect anecdote and this week’s game delivered.

What a Sunday Funday!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hey Kosmo Krys, this is Crystal. We met at half time (i think) at the opening Game Sept.12. I had the crazy Ravens Flip Flops:) I love your site....have a great day!


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