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Ravens Chix is happy to support one of our highly valued sponsors Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz. Dr. J. (as he is known to patients and friends) will be the host for the inaugural Ravens Chix Chat (“RCC”) event which will be held at Padonia Station on November 13 from 5PM-7PM.

The event will feature our very special guest speaker Sandy McCrary, mother of Ravens’ Ring of Honor member Michael McCrary. Dr. J. and Padonia Station will provide a free buffet and a complimentary cocktail. Perhaps the first cocktail could be one of our own RCC concoctions. More on that at a later date…

Attendees are asked to donate an item of nearly new business attire. What does that mean? Well let’s let Vanessa Williams answer that in this interesting
2 minute video.

Dr. J will offer some suggestions on the values and benefits of his increasingly popular practice and he plans to do a raffle for a free Botox treatment. Expect some other surprises too during a happy hour that could leave Dr. J.’s guests happy for many years to come ;-)

Here’s the 411 on
Padonia Station:
Padonia Station
63 E. Padonia Road
Timonium, MD 21093

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Living on the edge in Ravenstown

Posted by Wednesday, October 14, 2009 2 comments

This past Sunday at M&T Stadium things did not go as we had planned. The Ravens played hard, but we let a few too many opportunities slip by us. Our collection of penalties didn’t help our cause either. It’s okay though, let the Bengals bask in their temporary glory. The Ravens are by no means down and out.

This Sunday our game fate has been determined, we must come out victorious against Farve and his purple Nordics. Can we do it? No question, of course we can! On Sunday, fans might once again be on the edge of their seat through the entire game, but that is how we have been sitting for years. If you are from Ravenstown, you have come to expect the Ravens to play on the edge.

Before the game, spirits were high on Lot O. I visited parties inquiring about their tailgate menus. I was hoping to find a low calorie, low carbohydrate female friendly table. Not much luck, it was interesting that most parties stuck with the typical beef, sausage and dogs. Most of the Ravens Chix were on board with the “manly meals”.

Many of the parties had plenty of pasta and potato salad as sides. It seems that when it comes to tailgates, the ladies take the lead from their football loving men, and fill up high carbs, lots of fat and plenty of beef! Of course, most of the parties were sporting a male Raven fan behind the grill. Is there a message? Leave the grilling to the guys. Enough said!

I did find one tailgate party that hosted her tailgate party like a true Ravens Diva. She (yes, her man was doing the grilling) made sure that her "man inspired menu" was presented in true Raven Chix fashion. She not only had coordinated her tableware and tailgate set up with shades of purple, she added a lovely touch that only we females would think of – a vase of purple flowers!

Girlfriend, you rocked that tailgate party!

I met tons of lovely women who were more than happy to share their smiles and their parties with me! Thanks to each of you. Be sure to go to Birdwatcher
to see your photos.

Chix, I would love to have you share your favorite tailgate dishes. Send them along to .

Rave On in Pink!

Kosmo Krys

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It's officially Fall and it's time for some SERIOUS RAVENS TAILGATING!!!

I want to give props to our team. Ravens rocked the pink accents last week. Joe was adorable in his pick cleats! I just went online to order the pink brimmed Ravens hat! All for an excellent cause! Get yours here!

All week long the talks shows, the columnists, the bloggers, the fans around the water coolers have been dissecting last weeks game. Enough! Last week's game and the questionable calls, the-should-have-caught passes and turnovers are OVER! Let’s move on! It is time to get serious on the field! This is a BIG Division game, we have to and we will put down the Bengals!

Also gone is the warm weather! Which means it is time to do fire up some serious tailgate food. Most "guy run" lot parties will throw dogs, sausages or burgers on a hot grill. The smell is intoxicating but the menu is far from waistline friendly! There are many other great options which will keep you warm and fill you up while keeping you from packing on the pounds.

Grilled chicken breast, shrimp on the barbie and a bowl of high protein back bean soup are just a few of my favorites. On the lot, I like to eat light and save my carb and cal intake for the official tailgate libation, BEER! Oh, yes its light beer of course!

Lets see if we get the cold season off to a great start with a "healthy chic friendly" tailgate menu ideas from the fans. Ravens Chix I need to give me a shout with your favorite low cal, low carb, low fat tailgate munchies.

Don't be shy this is your blog GF’s and we need to hear you Root, Rant & Rave!

Rave On In Pink!

Kosmo Krys

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It seems the NFL is going soft! This Sunday NFL teams throughout the league will be wearing pink! The NFL is allowing players to recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness month. I hear that players will sport pink wristbands, cleats, gloves, or shoelaces. I think that this is a wonderful gesture and I give the league props for allowing players to express support for such a devastating disease!

The addition of the color pink will definitely work to our game day advantage! The Ravens purple and white uniforms will compliment the breast awareness color nicely, where as the Patriots uniforms with a splash of pink will definitely be a fashion eyesore! So cool to have these tremendously athletic males take a risk and wear pink! Come to think of it, I don’t own any pink fan gear! I guess I am going shopping!

Rave On In Pink!

Kosmos Krys

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Tales from the tailgate

Posted by Thursday, October 1, 2009 5 comments

You just never know who to believe. I have faith in humankind and assume that most people are honest and good. On Sunday as we were leaving the game, feeling jubilant over our easy win against da Browns, we came upon a Ravens fan that appeared to have been celebrating quite a bit. He was swaying side to side down the street with a cigarette in one hand and crooked smile on his face. What really caught our attention was his miss-matched attire; baggy Ravens camo pants and a undersized Browns jersey! We couldn’t help but comment to him that his outfit was a bit confusing to us.

“Hey bud,” I said, “Not sure which team you wanted to root for? Well, it looks like your pants won!” He tilted his head, took a long deep puff on his cig and claimed “Nah man, I was just helping a little kid out! I traded him my Flacco jersey for this lousy Browns top!”

We stopped to hear the entire tale.

It seems there was a little boy, wearing a worn out Browns jersey, who was leaving the stadium with his parents, who were in full Ravens gear. The little guy’s head was down and he was quiet next to his exuberant family. Our cigarette smoking fan noticed the sad little Brown’s fan and decided to stop an offer him condolences on the tough game. The boy looked so depressed and despondent over the teams defeat that the Ravens fan felt sorry for him and offered him a jersey swap. He asked the boy if he wanted to trade his old Browns frock for the new white Flacco jersey that he was wearing. He promised that if the boy would swap, he would put on the Browns jersey and wear it proudly the rest of the night.

He gave the boy just 30 seconds to decide. After a few heavy sighs and some hurried coaxing by his parents the little Browns fan gave up his defeated teams crumpled brown and orange shirt for the purple victorious #5 jersey. The little guy’s face brightened as he donned his new winning attire and he gave the Ravens fan a high five.

The Ravens fan, wearing the old Browns jersey, smiled a big toothy grin at us, took another long puff of his cigarette and said, “I was just trying to cheer a kid up. Can you believe he actually took me up and took my jersey! So now I’m stuck with this one “, he mumbled, “Do you think I’ll be safe walking into the bars?”

Is there any truth in the fan guy’s story? We’ll never know, but I walked away believing in humankind’s desire to be compassionate and to show love for one another. Baltimore fans are awesome! If a Ravens fan can feel compassion for a Browns fan, then what else could man be capable of?

Perhaps a group of purple painted Ravens fans sending a heartfelt wish of “better luck next time” to a bunch of yellow towel waving Steelers fans?

Ah, I don’t think so, there just isn’t that much compassion and love anywhere in this universe!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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