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It's officially Fall and it's time for some SERIOUS RAVENS TAILGATING!!!

I want to give props to our team. Ravens rocked the pink accents last week. Joe was adorable in his pick cleats! I just went online to order the pink brimmed Ravens hat! All for an excellent cause! Get yours here!

All week long the talks shows, the columnists, the bloggers, the fans around the water coolers have been dissecting last weeks game. Enough! Last week's game and the questionable calls, the-should-have-caught passes and turnovers are OVER! Let’s move on! It is time to get serious on the field! This is a BIG Division game, we have to and we will put down the Bengals!

Also gone is the warm weather! Which means it is time to do fire up some serious tailgate food. Most "guy run" lot parties will throw dogs, sausages or burgers on a hot grill. The smell is intoxicating but the menu is far from waistline friendly! There are many other great options which will keep you warm and fill you up while keeping you from packing on the pounds.

Grilled chicken breast, shrimp on the barbie and a bowl of high protein back bean soup are just a few of my favorites. On the lot, I like to eat light and save my carb and cal intake for the official tailgate libation, BEER! Oh, yes its light beer of course!

Lets see if we get the cold season off to a great start with a "healthy chic friendly" tailgate menu ideas from the fans. Ravens Chix I need to give me a shout with your favorite low cal, low carb, low fat tailgate munchies.

Don't be shy this is your blog GF’s and we need to hear you Root, Rant & Rave!

Rave On In Pink!

Kosmo Krys


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