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Living on the edge in Ravenstown

Posted by Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This past Sunday at M&T Stadium things did not go as we had planned. The Ravens played hard, but we let a few too many opportunities slip by us. Our collection of penalties didn’t help our cause either. It’s okay though, let the Bengals bask in their temporary glory. The Ravens are by no means down and out.

This Sunday our game fate has been determined, we must come out victorious against Farve and his purple Nordics. Can we do it? No question, of course we can! On Sunday, fans might once again be on the edge of their seat through the entire game, but that is how we have been sitting for years. If you are from Ravenstown, you have come to expect the Ravens to play on the edge.

Before the game, spirits were high on Lot O. I visited parties inquiring about their tailgate menus. I was hoping to find a low calorie, low carbohydrate female friendly table. Not much luck, it was interesting that most parties stuck with the typical beef, sausage and dogs. Most of the Ravens Chix were on board with the “manly meals”.

Many of the parties had plenty of pasta and potato salad as sides. It seems that when it comes to tailgates, the ladies take the lead from their football loving men, and fill up high carbs, lots of fat and plenty of beef! Of course, most of the parties were sporting a male Raven fan behind the grill. Is there a message? Leave the grilling to the guys. Enough said!

I did find one tailgate party that hosted her tailgate party like a true Ravens Diva. She (yes, her man was doing the grilling) made sure that her "man inspired menu" was presented in true Raven Chix fashion. She not only had coordinated her tableware and tailgate set up with shades of purple, she added a lovely touch that only we females would think of – a vase of purple flowers!

Girlfriend, you rocked that tailgate party!

I met tons of lovely women who were more than happy to share their smiles and their parties with me! Thanks to each of you. Be sure to go to Birdwatcher
to see your photos.

Chix, I would love to have you share your favorite tailgate dishes. Send them along to .

Rave On in Pink!

Kosmo Krys


  1. Cyndy Says:
  2. Hey, Kosmo Krys!

    Just stopped by to check out the story because that is my sister you have pictured rockin' the tailgates! She always makes every meal a party, whether in a parking lot, backyard or dining room table. Our mother taught us well, including how to tailgate at West Point (USMA) where the officer's wives would set up tailgates with candles, crystal and china. Nice.

    Thanks for the great story. Will be sending others in the clan to check it out...

    The Tailgate's Diva Sister
    in Penn State/Steeler Country (where we know how to tailgate, too!)

  3. Kosmo Krys Says:
  4. Cyndy Thanks for the kind words. I was so impressed by her tailgate decor. Wish I'd thought of the flowers myself! Please check back in and send me your tailgate pics!


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