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As a child I wasn’t a big fan of Thanksgiving. I couldn’t get excited about waiting all day to overeat. I was a skinny little thing and eating Thanksgiving dinner was more of a chore than a joy. The holiday was for adults, they would sit around for hours chatting and eating. My siblings and I would get bored and would beg to leave the table. The best part of the holiday was the break from school.

Now, I have a totally different view. I look forward to the chance to spend the day with my family and the tradition of overeating. In my crazy, busy life, Thanksgiving gives me a chance to reflect on how fortunate I am. I am so blessed to live in the US, even with all of our political issues at home and abroad, we live in the land of freedom and opportunity!

I count the blessings that I have been given, a wonderful life complete with good health, friends, and most of all a beautiful family. Life is a journey, one that you don’t go alone. I am grateful for all of those that are part of my journey. My road is filled with love laughter and happiness because of them and because of you.

This year, I am most grateful for the thousands of men and women who have chosen to make it their personal mission to defend our freedom and our country. They get up every day willing to give their life for our safety and for what they believe. It is the greatest gift that anyone could ever give to others. There are no words or actions that could express how much I appreciate their dedication and commitment to our country.

My Thanksgiving wish is for their swift and safe return home to their families.

Happy Thanksgiving to our troops and their loved ones!

Rave On,

Kosmo Krys

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Ola Chicas,

Okay if you’re a guy and you’ve been secretly reading my blogs, this is where you’ll want to exit. If you didn’t like my thoughts on nails, you are really gonna hate this one.

This past Sunday, I chilled all day watching football on my 52” high def TV. I love, love, love football on this TV! Not only is the big screen’s picture crisp and clear, the color is amazing and the details are tremendous! The physical attributes of the players come across crystal clear!

The pumped tattooed biceps look marvelous. The image of the players lined up on the scrimmage line is well defined! And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the camera man's up close perspective of the tackles. Yes ladies, football viewed on the big screen is a wonderful thing! If your man hasn't convinced you that you need a high def big screen, let me! Just watch any football game, you won't be disappointed no matter who wins.

When I am at the game, I enjoy watching the replays and sideline shots that are shown on the Jumbotron! There too, I find the definition and clarity of each player’s talents impressive. On the stadium big screen, the players are seen in enormous intensity. I am very fortunate to have a front row, end zone seat. From my vantage point, I have yet another up close and personal view of our awesome Ravens. I head to my seat early, when the players are warming up, because the Ravens run their practice lines right in front of me! I have a great end zone point of view! My biggest dilemma as a Ravens fan, is to keep Poe from blocking my view!

I can’t decide which pants the players look best in, white or black? The white gives better definition, but the black pants really make them look slim and sleek. They both look excellent to me! Oh yes I watch the game, I watch all of the game! You see I am a Ravens Chix, I appreciate all aspects of the game! LOL !

What about you? Do you like the big screen when watching football? Do you like the pregame show on the field? Send me your thoughts! Let me hear you rant, root and rave!

Rave On!
Kosmo Krys

Sorry guys, we told you this was the ladies room!

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Torn between two rivals

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Ola Chicas!

It was great to meet some Ravens Chix at Padonia Station. Thanks to Dr. Jeff Horowitz and his staff for their hospitality! Thanks to everyone that came out to help us support the non-profit Dress for Success organization! Watch the site for future events!

Wow! I didn't know quite what to do with myself on Sunday, no Ravens football! It was such a beautiful fall day that it was very hard to convince myself to sit inside and watch the battle between our division rivals.

As the game began I was feeling torn between who I'd rather have win. I wished that the NFL had a new rule – if two teams never score even in overtime, they don't have sudden death they just give each a loss!

Sounds great eh?

And so I had to pick…

How hard was it to want Steelers to come out on top? UGH!

And what's up with them losing when we finally needed them to win? Though, if we forget the divisional stats, it was glorious to see them go down!

Gotta give props to the "Bungals." The cats are looking good!

Beautiful sunshine and a Steelers loss! They both made my Sunday without Ravens football just awesome!

I've got my Purple Monday work clothes ready and I am looking forward to a nice victory over Da Browns!

Keep the 12th man Mojo going!

Rave On Chicas!

Kosmo Krys

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Ladies we want to see your favorite Ravens purple nail color! We all have done it, paint our fingers and toe nails to match our fan attire. Some believe it to bring good luck and keep it going all season long!

Most of us go for the solid shades of purple or black. Others go all out with a more distinct and creative look. I have seen outrageous french tips, sparkling stones, and some wild stripes. Do you know a nail artist who can do a Raven head, or a football?

Send us pictures of your Ravens manicure. Feel free to share with us who and where you go for your personal styling.

Rave on,

Kosmo Krys

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Ravens still control their own destiny

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Which Ravens team will show up on Monday Night when the Ravens take on the Browns? That has to be what most Ravens fans are asking themselves these days.

After an extremely impressive showing against the then undefeated Broncos, most fans believed that the team’s bye week gave them the down time to regroup and reinvigorate a defense that has unexpectedly played far below the traditional standards of the purple and black.

So they packed up their bags and took the short flight to Cincinnati and when they did, we all thought they’d return home the victors sporting a 5-3 record. Instead they staked a claim in mediocrity and a 4-4 record.

Who would have thought that after a 3-0 start?

Clearly the team isn’t where they want to be or where they thought they’d be but despite it all, they still control their own destiny. That said it will be a much steeper climb for Harbaugh and the boys and now they almost have to win one of their three games against the Colts and Steelers (2).

Nobody said it would be easy.

But until that time, there is a small task at hand – the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are an organizational mess at the moment and they sport a dismal 1-7 record. Clearly they are ripe for the taking yet on Monday Night, almost anything is possible for the home team. The Ravens have their backs to the wall and a loss will likely put an end to their season and it wouldn’t be too hard to envision a downward spiral like the one they experienced in 2007.

No worries – it won’t happen!

The Ravens are 10 ½ point favorites and no this isn’t a stiff cosmo talking (and remember you heard it here first) – count on the Ravens taking it to the Browns and newly appointed starting QB Brady Quinn early and often. They will return from the Mistake by the Lake with a convincing 27-10 victory.

Bring on Manning & the Colts.

Any chance Peyton might wake up late on the 22nd?

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Ravens Chix is happy to support one of our highly valued sponsors Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz. Dr. J. (as he is known to patients and friends) will be the host for the inaugural Ravens Chix Chat (“RCC”) event which will be held at Padonia Station THIS FRIDAY November 13 from 5PM-7PM.

The event will feature our very special guest speaker Sandy McCrary, mother of Ravens’ Ring of Honor member Michael McCrary. Sandy will address the challenges of facing adversity. Perhaps John Harbaugh may want to attend ;-)

Dr. J. and Padonia Station will provide a free buffet and a complimentary cocktail. Also Dr. J. will be giving away Latisse, an FDA approved prescription treatment that enables you to grow your own lashes longer, darker and thicker. Hey if it's good for Brooke Shields, well...

Attendees are asked to donate an item of nearly new business attire. What does that mean? Well let’s let Vanessa Williams answer that in this interesting 2 minute video.

Dr. J will offer some suggestions on the values and benefits of his increasingly popular practice and Ravens Chix will give away Ravens-themed tee shirts to the first 10 ladies introducing themselves to Dr. J. You only need to say, “Ravens Chix.”

A painting of Ed Reed (by local artist Kevin Charles) will be raffled off and there is likely to be some other surprises too during a happy hour that could leave Dr. J.’s guests happy (and perhaps their husbands too) for many years to come ;-)

Here’s the 411 on Padonia Station:

Padonia Station
63 E. Padonia Road
Timonium, MD 21093

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It’s always interesting to see the city come to life after a Ravens’ win and it’s even more festive when the boys in purple play 1 o’clock games. Clearly the Federal Hill pubs prosper from a winning effort but then again, so do most watering holes throughout Charm City.

But count me among those who dig the 1 o’clock start.

If we win, there’s more time to celebrate without being out too late. Sunday Fundays are just that but we have to remind ourselves that it is a school night – ok well maybe some of the time we remind ourselves.

If we lose (and by the way I don’t expect much more of that at home anymore…got that Mr. Mattison), well there’s plenty of time to lick the wounds, have a pick-me-up dinner at home with the family and if we’re lucky the scoreboard will deliver a Steelers loss to us as a consolation prize.

But back to those post game celebrations…they absolutely provide a boost to the local economy in a very big way and it makes me wonder why anyone ever doubted that inviting the NFL back to Baltimore with a big, brand new shiny stadium was ever questioned. The only thing I question is why they didn’t build a retractable dome.

Look I get the old school outdoor feel and personally, I like the elements. But let’s face it, a dome would open up a whole host of possibilities for our city. The Super Bowl, Final Four, major concerts and maybe college bowl games might open up. And besides, they could leave the roof open for most games, right?

It sucks to have to drive to that 90,000 seat Spot-a-Pot called FedEx Field to see Paul McCartney. I know of Redskins fans that have visited Ravens games with their smarter relatives and they claim that they can get from DC to M&T and back home again in less time than it takes to leave FedEx. Aren’t you tired of the big concert acts skipping Baltimore to play in the candy bar capital of Hershey, PA? It’s embarrassing!

Oh and by the way, thank you Mr. Bruce Springsteen for not passing us by and taking one for the team for playing on November 20 at that eye soar of an arena on Howard Street.

Here’s to The Boss and here’s to bossing the Bengals around on Sunday.

Hey, where’s everyone watching the game?

P.S. Don't forget about our complimentary happy hour with Dr. J. at Padonia Station on Friday November 13.

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