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Giving Thanks to Those That Give it All

Posted by Friday, November 27, 2009

As a child I wasn’t a big fan of Thanksgiving. I couldn’t get excited about waiting all day to overeat. I was a skinny little thing and eating Thanksgiving dinner was more of a chore than a joy. The holiday was for adults, they would sit around for hours chatting and eating. My siblings and I would get bored and would beg to leave the table. The best part of the holiday was the break from school.

Now, I have a totally different view. I look forward to the chance to spend the day with my family and the tradition of overeating. In my crazy, busy life, Thanksgiving gives me a chance to reflect on how fortunate I am. I am so blessed to live in the US, even with all of our political issues at home and abroad, we live in the land of freedom and opportunity!

I count the blessings that I have been given, a wonderful life complete with good health, friends, and most of all a beautiful family. Life is a journey, one that you don’t go alone. I am grateful for all of those that are part of my journey. My road is filled with love laughter and happiness because of them and because of you.

This year, I am most grateful for the thousands of men and women who have chosen to make it their personal mission to defend our freedom and our country. They get up every day willing to give their life for our safety and for what they believe. It is the greatest gift that anyone could ever give to others. There are no words or actions that could express how much I appreciate their dedication and commitment to our country.

My Thanksgiving wish is for their swift and safe return home to their families.

Happy Thanksgiving to our troops and their loved ones!

Rave On,

Kosmo Krys


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