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Ola Chicas,

Okay if you’re a guy and you’ve been secretly reading my blogs, this is where you’ll want to exit. If you didn’t like my thoughts on nails, you are really gonna hate this one.

This past Sunday, I chilled all day watching football on my 52” high def TV. I love, love, love football on this TV! Not only is the big screen’s picture crisp and clear, the color is amazing and the details are tremendous! The physical attributes of the players come across crystal clear!

The pumped tattooed biceps look marvelous. The image of the players lined up on the scrimmage line is well defined! And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the camera man's up close perspective of the tackles. Yes ladies, football viewed on the big screen is a wonderful thing! If your man hasn't convinced you that you need a high def big screen, let me! Just watch any football game, you won't be disappointed no matter who wins.

When I am at the game, I enjoy watching the replays and sideline shots that are shown on the Jumbotron! There too, I find the definition and clarity of each player’s talents impressive. On the stadium big screen, the players are seen in enormous intensity. I am very fortunate to have a front row, end zone seat. From my vantage point, I have yet another up close and personal view of our awesome Ravens. I head to my seat early, when the players are warming up, because the Ravens run their practice lines right in front of me! I have a great end zone point of view! My biggest dilemma as a Ravens fan, is to keep Poe from blocking my view!

I can’t decide which pants the players look best in, white or black? The white gives better definition, but the black pants really make them look slim and sleek. They both look excellent to me! Oh yes I watch the game, I watch all of the game! You see I am a Ravens Chix, I appreciate all aspects of the game! LOL !

What about you? Do you like the big screen when watching football? Do you like the pregame show on the field? Send me your thoughts! Let me hear you rant, root and rave!

Rave On!
Kosmo Krys

Sorry guys, we told you this was the ladies room!

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