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Postgame celebrations descend upon "Fed Hill"

Posted by Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It’s always interesting to see the city come to life after a Ravens’ win and it’s even more festive when the boys in purple play 1 o’clock games. Clearly the Federal Hill pubs prosper from a winning effort but then again, so do most watering holes throughout Charm City.

But count me among those who dig the 1 o’clock start.

If we win, there’s more time to celebrate without being out too late. Sunday Fundays are just that but we have to remind ourselves that it is a school night – ok well maybe some of the time we remind ourselves.

If we lose (and by the way I don’t expect much more of that at home anymore…got that Mr. Mattison), well there’s plenty of time to lick the wounds, have a pick-me-up dinner at home with the family and if we’re lucky the scoreboard will deliver a Steelers loss to us as a consolation prize.

But back to those post game celebrations…they absolutely provide a boost to the local economy in a very big way and it makes me wonder why anyone ever doubted that inviting the NFL back to Baltimore with a big, brand new shiny stadium was ever questioned. The only thing I question is why they didn’t build a retractable dome.

Look I get the old school outdoor feel and personally, I like the elements. But let’s face it, a dome would open up a whole host of possibilities for our city. The Super Bowl, Final Four, major concerts and maybe college bowl games might open up. And besides, they could leave the roof open for most games, right?

It sucks to have to drive to that 90,000 seat Spot-a-Pot called FedEx Field to see Paul McCartney. I know of Redskins fans that have visited Ravens games with their smarter relatives and they claim that they can get from DC to M&T and back home again in less time than it takes to leave FedEx. Aren’t you tired of the big concert acts skipping Baltimore to play in the candy bar capital of Hershey, PA? It’s embarrassing!

Oh and by the way, thank you Mr. Bruce Springsteen for not passing us by and taking one for the team for playing on November 20 at that eye soar of an arena on Howard Street.

Here’s to The Boss and here’s to bossing the Bengals around on Sunday.

Hey, where’s everyone watching the game?

P.S. Don't forget about our complimentary happy hour with Dr. J. at Padonia Station on Friday November 13.


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