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Ravens still control their own destiny

Posted by Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Which Ravens team will show up on Monday Night when the Ravens take on the Browns? That has to be what most Ravens fans are asking themselves these days.

After an extremely impressive showing against the then undefeated Broncos, most fans believed that the team’s bye week gave them the down time to regroup and reinvigorate a defense that has unexpectedly played far below the traditional standards of the purple and black.

So they packed up their bags and took the short flight to Cincinnati and when they did, we all thought they’d return home the victors sporting a 5-3 record. Instead they staked a claim in mediocrity and a 4-4 record.

Who would have thought that after a 3-0 start?

Clearly the team isn’t where they want to be or where they thought they’d be but despite it all, they still control their own destiny. That said it will be a much steeper climb for Harbaugh and the boys and now they almost have to win one of their three games against the Colts and Steelers (2).

Nobody said it would be easy.

But until that time, there is a small task at hand – the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are an organizational mess at the moment and they sport a dismal 1-7 record. Clearly they are ripe for the taking yet on Monday Night, almost anything is possible for the home team. The Ravens have their backs to the wall and a loss will likely put an end to their season and it wouldn’t be too hard to envision a downward spiral like the one they experienced in 2007.

No worries – it won’t happen!

The Ravens are 10 ½ point favorites and no this isn’t a stiff cosmo talking (and remember you heard it here first) – count on the Ravens taking it to the Browns and newly appointed starting QB Brady Quinn early and often. They will return from the Mistake by the Lake with a convincing 27-10 victory.

Bring on Manning & the Colts.

Any chance Peyton might wake up late on the 22nd?


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