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Torn between two rivals

Posted by Monday, November 16, 2009

Ola Chicas!

It was great to meet some Ravens Chix at Padonia Station. Thanks to Dr. Jeff Horowitz and his staff for their hospitality! Thanks to everyone that came out to help us support the non-profit Dress for Success organization! Watch the site for future events!

Wow! I didn't know quite what to do with myself on Sunday, no Ravens football! It was such a beautiful fall day that it was very hard to convince myself to sit inside and watch the battle between our division rivals.

As the game began I was feeling torn between who I'd rather have win. I wished that the NFL had a new rule – if two teams never score even in overtime, they don't have sudden death they just give each a loss!

Sounds great eh?

And so I had to pick…

How hard was it to want Steelers to come out on top? UGH!

And what's up with them losing when we finally needed them to win? Though, if we forget the divisional stats, it was glorious to see them go down!

Gotta give props to the "Bungals." The cats are looking good!

Beautiful sunshine and a Steelers loss! They both made my Sunday without Ravens football just awesome!

I've got my Purple Monday work clothes ready and I am looking forward to a nice victory over Da Browns!

Keep the 12th man Mojo going!

Rave On Chicas!

Kosmo Krys


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