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Posted by Sunday, December 20, 2009

The snow has ended, the streets are passable and the Bears have made it to town. For Ravens Chix there is a lot of prepping to go before we hit the stands. Before I can focus on our boys on the field, I have to decide what to wear. Easy for the guys, they grab their ski coats, hunting gear or their old flannel jackets and head out. Not so easy for us Chix, who still want to be warm, wear “fan attire appropriate” without sacrificing fashion!

Last week’s weather was the ultimate nightmare. After having put on so many layers of purple gear, many fans ended up sitting in their seats wearing a trash bag. Thanks to the sharp eye of my husband, the day before the game he purchased the coolest gold and purple Ravens rain ponchos. With tons of layers on underneath, I still had my 12th woman mojo shining in the midst of the haze of rain.

During one of my frequent “warm up breaks” to the ladies room, I met up with two Ravens Chix donned in cutest clear plastic wrap ponchos. They had come in to warm their toes. They had baggies over their socks and were taking turns rubbing each other’s frozen tootsies. I so felt their pain, and like any seasoned Ravens Chix would do, I dug into my bag and handed over the extra sets of hand and toe warmers.

Pay it forward that’s what Ravens fans do.

Today’s game presents another dilemma. While the bitter cold and wind makes it harder to dress appropriately, it will boost our home field advantage. Even the quietist Ravens’ fans, in an attempt to keep warm, will be on their feet, jumping, pumping and rooting. To get ready for the cold I’ll have to add in another forty-five minutes to my prep time as I add layers of cold weather leggings, thermal socks and turtlenecks. Though I would never ever think that ski pants are acceptable bar attire, today I will be sporting my black fiber filled pants at Mother’s Purple Patio.

Wonder if they had they stadium workers clear out the patio?

I will finish out my cold weather attire with those nifty body, hand and toes warmers. These toasty little additions will save me from being frozen stiff by the end of the game. The genius who thought up those should get a Nobel Peace Prize!

So it’s off to start my layers!

It’s game time and it’s football weather!

It’s Christmas time and it’s the hunt for playoffs.

I’ve got my Ravens Santa hat on and I am hoping my Ravens will give us an early Christmas present!

Bring on da Bears!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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