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Ravens Pride: Pay it Forward

Posted by Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ola Chicas!

Whew! We pulled that win off! Ah yes a win, a win against Pitt! Sunday night's game was another typical nail biting Ravens game. Sacks, turnovers, missed tackles, penalties and yes even missed field goals, all typical of this year’s Play like a Raven style.

Not so typical was the wonderfully mild weather we were blessed with! Night games are always tricky in this blue-collar town and it was great to see M&T filled with a sea of purple. A true bonus was the beautiful summer-like afternoon that had many tailgate parties cranked up extra early! It was truly a great end to a long holiday weekend!

The down side to this long awaited match up was the several thousand annoying terrible towel waving Steelers fans that dispersed their venom throughout our glorious arena! I am amazed at the obnoxious "swagger" these fans strut. How is that they think they can come to our city, our stadium and act as if they are in their stinky hometown? I find their smirking smiles, their in your face towel waving and their grunts and jeers totally arrogant and rude.

What really annoys me are our very Raven loving PSL owners who willing sell these prized game tickets to the likes of Pitt’s smarmy fans! I could not believe my eyes Sunday night when I saw those ugly yellow towels swinging from every section of OUR HOUSE! I would never ever allow a Steeler fan to have my seat! Yes, I know we are in a recession and money is tight, but selling tickets to a Steelers fan hits below the belt. These are tough times for our Ravens and us fans. We can’t afford to allow our 12th man advantage to be compromised by terrible towel touting rivals.

We must protect our house!

My fellow seat holders, next time you cannot make a home game against the Steelers, think about another Ravens fan. Be a Good Samaritan and follow the golden rule, "Do unto another Ravens fan as you would want a Ravens fan to do unto you."

Pass your ticket onto a fan less fortunate than you. Offer your ticket to a Ravens enthusiast who can’t afford to own a seat or has never been to a game. Choose a devoted fan that shows Ravens pride year round, a fan that can stand toe to toe with a terrible towel, a fan that will display purple pride and cheer throughout the game, a fan that will make you proud.

Do your part as a Ravens 12th man, pay it forward and pass it on to Ravens fans only!

Let’s bring home a win from Green Bay!

Rave On,

Kosmo Krys


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