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Hey Ravens Chix, don't worry be happy!

Posted by Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ola Chicas!

The cries and the woes of the fans of the Baltimore Ravens could be heard well into the early dawn. The Ravens fought hard, made a decent attempt but, it just wasn't in the cards for them.

We can point fingers, we can cry foul, but truth is that in the 60 minutes of play, we could not pull it together to bring home the win. How can they have such a change in play from one week to the next?

Sure we can say that each opponent is different.

We can point to individual player performances or complain about the coaches calls.

All season the Ravens seem to play like a different team every time they hit the field. They appeared to have a Jekyll and Hyde like syndrome going on this entire season.

However, no one can say that we didn't put our heart and soul into the season. We not only fought our opponents each game¸ we often fought ourselves.

During many games we found our team trying to overcome their own on the field struggles. Every Sunday, fans never knew what to expect. In the end there was no doubt that the Ravens deserved their spot in the playoffs. Our Ravens players, including stars Lewis, Reed, Rice, McGahee, and Gaither gave us a thrilling season. It just didn’t end the way we would have liked.

But it did end on a positive note.

The Ravens were up, then down, but all in all they had a great season. After all we did make it further than most of the teams, including our biggest rival, the Steelers!

Today it’s a new dawn and it’s the beginning of a new season. As for the fans, we can resume our second favorite Sunday past times, we can look forward to the off season drafts, we can take a deep breath and we can relax.

Our team gave us a good run.

It was a football season to remember and one to be proud of.

So over the next few weeks I will sit back, relax and simply watch the post season unfold. I’ll pick my team and root them on. Only this time at the end of the game, win or lose, I’ll be smiling with not a football care in the world.

No ranting or raving from me!

Yep no worries, I‘ve set my sights on the future.

September will bring another season of Baltimore Ravens football and once again all will be right with the world.

Rave On,

Kosmo Krys

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