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Posted by Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ola Chix! I hope that Santa treated you well. Now that the presents are unwrapped, holiday meals done we can now turn our attention to Sunday 1'oclock game time. We need to get our Ravens and our fans pumped for the biggest game of the season. After last week’s game time bitter cold weather and the chilling rain the week before, I am glad to be sitting in front of a TV from a warm location.

Over the course of the home game season I roamed the parking lots and stadium taking tons pictures of Ravens Chix. By the end of the season it became harder and harder to find female fans. As the game time temperature and weather continued to drop throughout the season so do the number of Ravens Chix at the stadium. By the time of the final home game only a handful of female fans stood in the freezing stadium to cheer on our Ravens players.

Some of my girlfriends make it perfectly clear at the beginning of every season that they will only attend games until a certain time of the year. When the weather turns cold they pass on their tickets to family and friends. Usually the ticket goes to a male child or friend of the husband. Though I am not bashing my girls who like to stay warm and choose to pass up a home game, I am not that kinda fan.

As much as I’d rather head to M&T on a cool fall day, I know that being a fan means taking in the elements no matter what the heavens bring. When the weather turns cold and nasty I feel all the more committed to getting out there and rooting for my team. The team and the fans feed off the energy of being out in the bitter cold. Staying focused on the task at hand, winning, becomes all the more important when you are bundled up in six layers of clothing and still freezing.

Growing up I was taught that football and cold weather go together. My Dad and Mom passed on the art of preparing for the end of season games. In December they would head to Memorial stadium wearing their “stadium coats” and toting red fiber filled “hot seats”. My mom, who was the original Ravens Chic, taught me to keep all my fan gear, hats, scarves, foam fingers, hand warmers etc., in a box and have it handy throughout the season. You don’t want to be running around on game day looking for your favorite Ravens beanie.

Yes cold weather and football go together like popcorn and a movie.

I am a fan in all kinds of weather. I will always get myself pumped for the end of season games and prepare for the brutal elements. But today, I look forward to the glow of the warm cozy fire, wrapping myself in my Ravens purple Slanket, and watching our Ravens on my big screen TV!

Let’s Go Ravens!

Rave On!
Kosmo Krys


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