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Come on Sunday! How great is it that after such a crazy up and down season, we are still on this rollercoaster ride to the Championship?

Fans are drowning in purple pride! Throughout Baltimore and all through Maryland the parties for this Sunday’s game will be huge. Thankfully on this coming game day fans will not be tailgating out in the cold morning air (unless you are lucky enough to be in New England). No this Sunday we will be pre gaming it in the midst of warmth and soft seating. Playoff season turns the M&T lot tailgate gathering into Raven House Party! With that change of venue there come lots of additions and upgrades.

The standard parking lot fare of hot dogs, burgers, and chili is replaced with a more bountiful fare of more gourmet treats. Our Sunday menu will include baked Salmon, chicken fajita soup, pork tenderloin sandwiches and seafood pizza. You see at a Raven House Party there is usually not just the typical tailgate "host", there is also the house party HOSTESS!

Yes Chix show up for football when the party is at someone’s house equipped with indoor plumbing. It’s the best of all worlds. At a fan’s house you have warmth, great food, friendship, football and when it’s game time there are rooms to separate the genders!

My Raven maniac group usually ends up in the home of friends who have a spacious and well appointed lounge area, game room, and bar. Their place holds 20 nicely, has a big screen TV, several bar TVs, pizza oven, pool table, and beer refrigeration. It’s no wonder my friends don’t tailgate!

They have the perfect set up within their own home. Our hostesses will be sure that the d├ęcor is themed to suit the celebration, everything in Raven purple and black. Yes it is nice to root for our boys from the comforts of a party central home that comes with wonderful friends, delectable foods and glass goblets to drink my wine!

Sunday’s game will be a tough one. It will be another test of our ability to play a solid game and go against some tough odds. We will need to stand up to the naysayers, prove that we can play without penalties and execute our game plan.

Win or lose I am proud of my team, the Ravens. This season has been a rocky road for them and for us fans. Nonetheless it has been an exciting season, one that has kept us wanting one more game.

We may not be favored to win the rest of the post season but I delight in the fact that Pittsburgh is home watching the Ravens continue the hunt!

Stay warm and cozy!

Raven On!

Kosmo Krys

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