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This isn't just another game

Posted by Saturday, January 16, 2010

The hype over the game is in full swing. Yes, Ravens are the underdog. But if any of the playoff underdog teams are expected to pull it off, The Ravens have the best shot to take it.

I believe we will, because this game against the Indianapolis Colts isn’t just a playoff game this is a game that has a deep sentimental meaning to all Baltimore football fans. They have called us cry babies. Some accuse of us of not being able to put the past behind us and move on.

I beg to differ.

Baltimore has moved on. We are no longer Colts fans.

We are Baltimore Ravens fans.

And Baltimore fans have stepped up and taken the commitment to PURPLE PRIDE proudly. Last night at the local pep rallies, it was more than evident that Baltimore is still a proud football loving town.

As much as we love our Ravens, we will never forget our past, our football heritage or our Baltimore Colts.

There are tons of fans like myself who associate Baltimore Colts memories with a happy childhood. I grew watching Sunday afternoon football. I knew that it meant that dinner would be served at halftime, that the living room furniture would be rearranged to maximize seats in front of the TV. And if it was a home game it meant a babysitter and pizza for dinner.

I remember watching my parents pull on their “stadium coats” and head to Memorial Stadium. I remember going to hometown holiday parades to hear the Colts Marching Band. I remember my entire family, aunts, uncles, cousins all singing the Colts Fight Song.

Colts football was a family affair. Colts football is part of the history of Baltimore just as marble stoops, blue collar workers, row houses, the Star Spangled Banner and steamed crabs.

I have such mixed emotion watching the Colts. Every time I see that white helmet with the horseshoe, my thoughts go to my folks and the joy we shared rooting for that team. I recall my excitement on my 21st birthday when I was taken to my very first Colts football game. That day they became my team and I followed them until they pulled from away from all of us on that Mayflower van.

Losing the team was hard but losing our history is unforgivable. That team, that logo, those past players and all of the memories belong to Baltimore.

Recently former Colt Tom Matte shared his thoughts on Baltimore’s loss of the Colts franchise. Though their trophies and memorabilia are in Indy, he and other former Baltimore Colts players have yet to be embraced by the owner and team. He has never been invited to a game or to visit the team. The Baltimore Colts memorabilia that is in the football Hall of fame is displayed under the name of the Indianapolis Colts.

That’s not who Matte and his teammates played for and that was not the name of our team or their team. We have to give props to our Ravens owners and franchise who have embraced our Baltimore Colts players and made them part of the new Baltimore team!

Tonight, facing Baltimore’s former team’s namesake on their Indy turf and our Baltimore Ravens taking home the win will be a pleasure like no other! It’s not that we couldn’t move on to another team, we have moved on and we love our Ravens. What Baltimore can get passed it that our history, my childhood memories now sit in Indiana.

The Colts started their legacy here in Baltimore and we deserve to have that back.

Let’s go you Baltimore Ravens!

Bring home a win against that Indy team!

Do it for all of Baltimore and for the old Baltimore Colts!

Raven On!

Kosmo Krys


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Excellent! I miss those days, I miss OUR Baltimore Colts. I grew up with them and Memorial Stadium. It still sickens me still to this day to see the blue and white not worn here in Baltimore, where it should have stayed. Don't get me wrong, I love the Ravens! I love the purple and black........but it would have been nice to see the horse shoe on the helmets and the blue and white at M&T Bank.............
    Go Ravens, kill Indy tonight!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. You couldn't have said it any better!

  5. Chris Says:
  6. We may not have pulled it off this time.... Baltimore Ravens will have their day with Indy!


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