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Ola Chicas!

Happy New Year!

May 2010 bring happiness, peace and love to all!

Today is our final regular season game! Baltimore is ready for a big win! I am going out of my comfort zone of blogging about off the field Ravens Chix chatter. I want to address our rollercoaster playing; the season and the fan chatter that has followed it.

At the beginning of the season, no one was sure what to expect from the team. We knew we had lost some key veteran players, paid dearly for others, had plenty of young talent and acquired some fresh undeveloped players. No one was sure where we were heading.

Once the season began, we hit the field and exploded!

Other hopes of having a good season turned to thoughts to having a great season. Then things went awry. The Monday morning quarterbacking pointed fingers at everyone and everything from poor performance from veterans, rookies, and coaches to poor officiating. We have zig-zagged our way through the rest of the season. The last blow was last week’s horrible loss to our arch rivals. A game that, like several previous contests, we should have had in the bag.

Enough has been said about who, what, and why we are having this crazy rollercoaster season. I take it all in. No one can really pinpoint why, all the speculation sounds plausible. The coaches and team will continue to pound it out and eventually they will make it work.

It’s football, it is a profession and a very lucrative one at that.

No one plays to lose, no one chooses to miss a block or drop a catch.

The coaches and players work very hard to prepare and plan a well-executed game. Yet sometimes the other team wins. Thank goodness, it is a long season because every game is a new beginning. Every Sunday from September until the beginning of February players, coaches, and fans get pumped and excited. They each prepare to do what they each do best.

Today is the last game of the regular season and I will do what every Ravens fan does – put the past wins and losses behind, forget all the ranting of the week before and put my heart and soul into cheering our Ravens!

It is PLAYOFF TIME and we are still in the hunt!

Yes, it’s been a tough season for us, but from where we are sitting, it’s been a lot tougher season for many other teams!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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