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Don’t mess with the RAVENS Mojo!We all have heard that players have superstitions and pre-game rituals. Even the amateur athletes believe in game karma. My son who played varsity football would not shave his face or cut his hair for the entire football season.

“If I do I’ll bring my team bad luck,” he told me.

His team went on to win county champs and onto the regional semi-finals. By the end of the season, his teammates had given him a new nick name, Wolverine. One year his entire lacrosse team didn’t cut their hair until the won county champs. Then after the season, to show their continued solidarity, they had the coaches completely shave each players head! After last Sunday's victorious purple win, many fans are adopting a pre game ritual for this week’s showdown. I am seriously considering re-enacting my game time actions from last Sunday.

We were running late and jumped into the car at the start of the game. You can imagine our astonishment when within minutes of kick off we heard over the airways calls of touchdowns and awesome plays! When we arrived to our party, near the end of the 1st quarter, we were afraid to stop the car. We didn’t want to break the Ravens mojo! This week, to bring on the same game start, we are thinking of retracing our first quarter drive around the beltway.
That is not the craziest superstition I've heard of. Do you remember a few years back when that fan (The Goof on the Roof) sat on the roof of a bar? In the freezing cold?

My little nephew has to eat a sub before every game. Many fans wear the same shirt for every game day.

I met a woman who uses her purple and gold plastic necklaces as Ravens prayer beads!

There are also superstitions like sitting in the same chair, attending the same bar or party, drinking the same drink. We all do these things because we don’t want to jinx our Ravens.

Sounds silly, eh?

Maybe, but if good luck mojo, karma, or whatever you want to call, gets us through to the next game, I say start rubbing those beads, shave your beards and jump into your car.

The 12th man spirit is needed in Indy this Saturday! Let’s bring home a win boys!

Oh, don’t forget to wear your PJs backwards!

Oh, that’s right we don’t want it to snow!


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