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Big Ben, Big Problems

Posted by Monday, March 22, 2010

If ESPN gets their way the Ravens will be playing their #1 rival to kick off Monday Night Football for the 2010 season. This will be completely different than last season when we didn’t play the Steelers for the first time until the end of November.

I love the sound of this. It would be a great way to start off the season. (As long as we win, of course)

However, rumor has it that this all depends on what happens with Ben Roethlisberger’s current legal issues.

Who wants to showcase a team who is led by a man who has been accused of sexual assault TWICE in less than a year?

Let us indulge ourselves and peek a little further into this situation.

As hardcore Ravens fans, we all share the same passion for our team as well as a passion for hating the Steelers. Don’t deny that anytime you see someone repping for our biggest enemy in the football world that you can’t think of anything but wanting to burn the Steelers hat, shirt, coat, tie, scarf, or whatever it may be to ashes.

While we’re being honest here (and with all due respect to the alleged victim), let’s not deny that we were a little happy inside to hear of Mr. Roethlisberger’s sexual assault allegations. We all know he was accused of the same crime last year. This time it seems a bit fishier. Ben’s attorney, Ed Garland (who was Ray Lewis’ attorney over 10 years ago in a murder case) isn’t agreeing to let Georgia Police acquire a DNA sample as requested nor is he stating when Ben will have his next interview.

Whether the allegations are true or false, the Steelers organization isn’t very happy with these Roethlisberger’s shenanigans. Over the next 5 years the organization is schedule to pay Big Ben up to $54 Million. If indicted, the NFL will most likely suspend him indefinitely. (i.e. Michael Vick being indicted on dog fighting charges)

Could we be seeing the beginning of the end for one of the most loved AND hated players in the NFL?

We shall see my friends.

Whatever the outcome, when we play the Steelers no matter what week in the season it may be; we all know it will be a challenge as it always is, and I cannot wait to see our team this upcoming season given all the great changes we have made thus far during the off season.

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  1. Kosmo Krys Says:
  2. Its so unfortunate that these high profile individuals continue to use such poor judgement. I would rather not have to have these types of issues in our sports entertainment. That said, yes, I am wearing a big bad grin because it is Big Bad Ben!


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