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Ola Chicas!

I’d like to share my son Jake’s story and help spread the word about Juvenile Diabetes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit the JDRF site.

Jake was 15 when he was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. It came as a complete shock to all of us. Since then Jake has had to learn how to monitor his diet, take his blood sugar levels and give himself injections several times a day.

True to Jake's nature, he hasn't let this devastating and incurable illness stop him from being himself and refuses to be denied a successful academic, athletic, and social life.

Jake is an honor roll student; defensive captain for the 2009 Regional Champions Hereford Bulls Varsity Football team; named 2009 All Division First Team Linebacker; plays defensive Middie for the 2010 Hereford Bulls Varsity Lacrosse team; works part time at Red Zone Adventures and like most high school seniors, has an incredibly busy social life.

Jake understands the potential health risks and limitations that his diabetes has and can have on his health. He takes his illness in stride and never focuses on the negatives. Most days we barely notice that he has diabetes.

Instead Jake has uses his diagnosis and lifelong treatments as motivators. The frequent blood tests, doctor visits, diet limitations, daily monitoring of blood sugars and multiple daily insulin injections do not detract from Jake’s motivation – they fuel it!

Jake has accepted his illness and he has learned that if you stay focused and determined there is no obstacle too difficult to overcome.

Diabetes by nature demands a strict daily routine and while some might scoff at such redundancy Jake has embraced it as a lesson in discipline. That knack for seeking the silver lining when facing adversity has manifested itself on the field of play where Jake willingly accepts a leadership role. His peers have taken note.

This year Jake will graduate from high school and looks ahead eagerly towards college and the pursuit of a career in physical fitness, learning to play Rugby and working with others diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.

Every day I watch Jake test his blood and give himself injections and I’ve yet to see him flinch, whine or grimace.

He takes it all in stride.

I am proud and blessed to have such an extraordinary son!

Go Jake!


If you would like to walk for Jake register with Team Jake's Bulls

If you would like to support us check out my page or Jake’s page.

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BMORE...the city that gives!

Posted by Tuesday, April 20, 2010 0 comments

I have finally come out of hiding! Winter is finally over and summer is right around the corner. A consistent part of spring in B’more is the ton of worthy fundraising events that area nonprofits host. These events come in all sizes and forms including 5k runs , bowling parties, golf outings, bull roasts and chocolate galas.

Since I know a wee bit about non profits, fundraising, and event planning, my heart goes out to those who are responsible for the planning and making their bottom line goal! I feel your pain! These are tough times for nonprofits, we need to stick together.

In an effort to give props to all of the local charities and workers, I would like to offer this blog to promote those charity events that Ravens Chix are supporting. If you are planning an event or are attending one please send me your info.

For those Chix who are not involved in a charity, I hope you take a peek at what’s happening around town and join in. Participating in an event is not only personally gratifying, but it can be tons of fun.

Baltimore and Ravens fans are generous and kind.

Let’s join together to make a difference!

So get clicking and send me the details of your cause. The best of luck to you and your organization!

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