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Posted by Friday, August 27, 2010

After years and years of patiently waiting, I was offered the opportunity to buy 2 season tickets to the Ravens games this year. I am a seat snob. After sliding down the muddy hill of the lawn at Merriweather Post Pavilion during many rainy concerts during my high school and impoverished college years, I wait it out. I do not compromise my desire to have a wonderful seat for anything.

This year my patience paid off in spades, and I can practically whisper in Ray Lewis’ ear. My seats are on the aisle and one to the right.

The aisle is extremely important for 2 reasons; number 1) I like to make a sign out of poster board and then go to the Ravens’ exit gate after the game to get signatures. My sign has to be pretty noticeable or else the players will pass me by so it is good to have the aisle for standing and showing off your artwork.

The number 2) reason is even more important, having the aisle guarantees that my view will not be obstructed by the fan who will wear anything to get on TV. I, like many others, have paid above face value for my seats, and the seats were not cheap to begin with. So if someone were to sit in front of me with a full sized Poe costume on, I would be seriously pissed.

This brings me to my point.

What do you wear to a Ravens game?

The guys seem to have it figured out by wearing camo and face paint. They add a few strands of beads, and they are good to go. There are very few women who can get away with camo pants. It seems that the biggest splotches of purple are on the hienie and hips.

Is that just a really sick joke on the designers’ part?

I saw one woman totally rock the camo with her cute little figure and long blonde hair and black midriff baring shirt showing a beautifully sculpted 6 pack… Sorry…girl crush moment. So really, except for that one woman who would look like a million bucks in a Hefty bag, what do the rest of us wear?

I have amassed quite a collection of purple clothing over the years as I waited for my perfect seats. Some of it is Ravens gear, and some of it is just fabulous for any occasion. So here are my ideas for being fashionable, comfortable, and awe inspiring to those in the seats around you during the 2010-2011 Ravens football season:


The best thing to wear is moisture wicking fabric. It doesn’t have to be Under Armour, and it doesn’t have to be official NFL licensed merchandise either. I put together a little purple tennis skirt and black v neck tee shirt from the work out section of Target. That is the perfect canvas for accessorizing. Add a purple boa (which will be stiflingly hot, but this is in the name of fashion), some big, chunky beads from the street vendors, a light up Ravens pin, and you are set. No fuss and no big budget bite.

If there is a chance of rain, bring a clear poncho. You look adorable, right? Don’t let the rain make you cover up and become unnoticed.

Hand bags are a hassle. You don’t want to keep your bag on your shoulder while you are jumping up and down screaming your lungs out. It’s uncomfortable, and, to be real, you’ll look like an amateur. Do not put your bag on the ground under your seat or it will be caked with nacho cheese, beer, pop corn and only God knows what else. Wear a Ravens back sack. They are small and light and hold all you need which is really a Sharpie or 2 for autographs, your cell phone, ID, ATM card, keys, and lip gloss. This last item is crucial because if you are on the visitors’ side, the sun will chap your unprotected lips, and, it’s a good idea to be always ready for your close up.

The game is aired in HD, after all.


The cooler weather is the time to bring out your black jeans or leggings (but, please, unless you are 12, no “jeggings”). On the top, you can give your beads a rest and let your new Boldin jersey take center stage. A black turtleneck is very cute and practical to wear under the jersey on those nippy, windy days. Here’s a tip: NFL licensed jerseys are expensive. Men’s and women’s sizes are about $85.00. That is a huge chunk of change. So, do what I do and buy the youth XL or XXL (yep, that is the only good part about being a nation of obesity that seems to pop out alarmingly large kids.)

These jerseys are the real deal and can cost as much as $40 less than the adult size. The only real difference I have found is the length, so watch your panty line if you wear leggings under it. You can accessorize your look with a Ravens’ baseball cap, headband that covers the ears, scarf, etc. The knit hats are a steal in the kids’ department, too.

They stretch out to accommodate your brilliantly huge mind.

4:00 GAMES

By the time 4:00 PM comes around, it is chilly on the home side and going to be chilly within the first hour on the visitors’ side. Wear the cute things listed above, but don’t forget gloves and toe warmers. It’s time for your boots in any style or height. How adorable are you with your team jersey, black leggings (tights underneath is not a bad idea, but make sure you don’t wait until the last second to go to the bathroom or your teeth will be floating) and cowboy boots?

The people around you will be more drunk than they are at the 1:00 game, so wearing gloves guarantees enough feeling in your fingers to 1) drink your beverage like a lady and 2) text security when the drunk guy behind you won’t stop putting his tray of nachos on the top of your head.

8:00 GAMES

These games are a whole different beast altogether. They attract a HUGE television audience. You will be on TV, no matter what because of the scans they take to show the sellout crowd. You may not see you when you watch the Tivo’d game the next day, but trust me on this, you will be on TV. It is time to work it.

This involves all of the looks listed above worn together and a winter coat with a hood. While I would never tell you to buy an official Ravens winter coat for hundreds of dollars out of the NFL catalog (but if you do, can I borrow it?) a purple one is definitely attention getting.

Depending on the look, a Ravens’ girlfriend or wife may seek you out at the autograph gate and bring her little game playing bundle of testosterone to show it to him. Ladies, keep it real here, do not give them your coat. Trust me, they don’t want it, and if they do want it, they’ll buy themselves 1 or 50. Just be gracious, polite, and coy, and thank the wife/GF for noticing and compliment the player on a job well done. If the player actually plays an awful game, just tell him you’ll see him next week.

There are a lot of Purple Fridays coming up now, so you’ll have plenty of time to work your game day look.

Have fun and cheer at the top of your lungs.

You look amazing, so you may as well draw attention to yourself!


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