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Ola Chicas,

From the look of the opening week’s games, this is going to be a great football season! Our Mighty Men gave us yet another nail biting win! Even though there is much to talk about on the field the media has already turned its attention from the frenzy of the start of the season to off the field antics. The latest antics include accusations of sexual harassment towards a female reporter and the alleged perpetrators are several New York Jets and knee jerk reactions from the Redskins Clinton Portis.

Now the entire league is in hot water.

Much of the media hype surrounding the incident is targeted towards the attractive young reporter, Ines Sainz, and her judgment in her work attire. The media seems to support the phrase “boys will be boys” when perhaps they should be rallying around “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

While I agree that she could have chosen a more professional appearance, it does not give the players the right to act unprofessionally. Obviously, her employer felt her attire was within dress code, thus she has the right to wear what she wants. In addition, with her beautiful looks, the former Miss Universe could wear a burlap bag and heads would turn! (Video of her explanation of the incident)

NFL players are expected to act in a professional manner and sexual harassment is not acceptable. Having said that, cat-calling is as unprofessional as: carrying handguns in your pants; dog fighting; drunk driving; or sexual assaults.

Come on NFL let’s keep your heads, thoughts and comments in check and stick to what you do best; Play Football!

By the way, anyone know where she gets her jeans?

Rave On!


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