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Ola Ravens Chicas!

It’s been a long two weeks of football! This week’s post game ranting on Joe and the O line has been the worst! With all of the pre-season hype and opening day excitement it is so disheartening to have the fans rumble with disappointment after just two games. But the home opener at M&T Stadium is finally here! After last week’s field performance we really need the game to go our way.

Thank goodness we open against da Browns!

I am wondering what the pre-game mood will be on the tailgate lots? Will there be a continuation of dogging on Joe, complaining about the O line’s porous protection and more crying foul about the lousy officiating?

I hope not.

That noise should have stopped at the water coolers during the usual Monday morning quarterback sessions. Let those fans who like to hang on to bad karma sit at home, where they can keep their whining and negativity to themselves.

Instead I expect Ravens fans to come out in full support of our Mighty Men.

Baltimore will give them the fan support that they deserve. Sunday is predicted to be a beautiful fall day and the tailgate lots will be a spectacular shade of Purple and Black. So to all of the fans going to the game, bring your pride and your positive energy to Russell Street!

Let’s send da Browns dawging it back to Cleveland and send our Ravens the fan momentum that they need to have a winning season!

See you on the lots!

Rave On!


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