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Ola Chicas,

Ravens are giving us an exciting season! Though we hit some rough spots this past week, our team is coming together and what can we say about our Offense? How about “We have one”!! Let’s keep rooting and ranting our boys on to victory.

While at the game on Sunday I noticed that all of the excitement isn’t just on the playing field. On the sidelines the main attraction are the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders. Four squads of lovely ladies, shake, pump and dance around the sidelines building the crowds enthusiasm and energy.

Our Ravens cheerleaders are unique in the NFL because we have two coed cheerleading squads. Yes the renowned bad boy NFL team is the only team in the entire league to have boys cheering, jumping and pumping on the sidelines. This doesn’t sit well with most male fans. My guy friends all agree “Guys don’t belong on the cheerleading squads.”

I disagree, and not just because they look great in their black polyester cheerleading outfits.

The male team mates enhance the sideline entertainment and program possibilities. Having males on the squad allows for a greater range of dances and acrobatics. The males are the stable anchors for those little tiny Ravens “fly cheerleaders”. They toss, catch and hoist the girls one atop the other. They also shout cheers to the fans through large megaphones and run banners and flags up and down the field.

And yes the sex appeal factor is another reason to have the muscle beefed boys. They do attract attention from the female fans. In between plays and during halftime, a little more flexing isn’t a bad thing. You can never have too many “guns out” at a football game.

Rave On Chicas!

Kosmo Krys

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If someone had told you at the beginning of the season that the Ravens would have to play 3 of their first four games on the road and that 3 of their first four road games before the bye week would be against 2009 playoff participants and the fourth against the Steelers, wouldn’t you have been ecstatic that after all the Ravens would sport a 5-2 record? (Wow that was a mouthful.)

Of course you would!

It’s a pretty darn good record despite all the odds.

Yet here in Baltimore, all I hear is whining and griping about how the Ravens had to go to overtime to beat the winless Buffalo Bills.

For me there’s a danger in playing a team like the Bills who have nothing to lose. I mean c’mon, they can throw all their gadgets and trickery and reckless abandon at you without consequence.

I know it’s a bit cliché-ish but a win is a win and I’ll take it. Last year at the bye the Ravens were 3-3 and they still made it to the playoffs! Hello!

After the bye the Ravens should be healthier. They’ll get Donte Stallworth back. Ed Reed is already back and thankfully he was on the field against the Bills. Tom Zbikowski returns so that gives the team more healthy depth.

Speaking of returns, can the Ravens post a Help Wanted sign for a decent punt or kick returner?

Ok, enough of that. It’s all good. 5-2, 5-2, 5-2…

So enjoy your off week fans. I know my spleen will enjoy the week off since I’ve been torturing it over the past couple of weeks. Sheesh! No wonder my neighbors aren’t speaking to me after my potty mouth exhibitions.

This week, I’ll be cheering on the N’Awlins Saints.

That’s right!

Have you seen who they’re playing?

Oh and I’ll also be rooting for the Packers to beat the Jets and then give Rex Ryan a case of Twinkies as a consolation prize. Hey he might prefer that instead of a win.

And then I’ll watch a soap opera…that’s right, the Patriots v. Vikings. Let’s see which drama queen quarterback will cry first. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, “Go Brett Favre!” (If he plays)

Hey, it’s for the Ravens benefit you know!

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Ola Chicas,

The best part of Sunday’s game was the honoring of our 2001 Super Bowl Ravens. It was awesome to have so many players and coaches come out for the event. The pregame introduction with the line of Super Bowl winners cheering on our current team was such fun! The high point of the event came when they introduced OJ Brigance. The stadium gave him a wonderful welcome.

What an amazing man and a courageous warrior.

He is an inspiration to us all.

Do you remember where you were when the 2001 Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl?
I can clearly remember where I watched the game. That memory ranks right up there with remembering where I was when Kennedy was shot and later John Lennon; when the space shuttle exploded and when 911 occurred. I remembered those because they were horrible acts of destruction, but the Super Bowl was a memory of pure joy.

Like most good memories the very best part of our Super Bowl win was that I shared it with other fans, friends and family. Fans of Super Bowl teams have a deeper bond to the team and to each other.

The bonds and camaraderie that sport
s fans share is remarkable.

Just walk down the street in your football fan gear and people start to nod or shout a cheer. You are instantly a friend of the guy in line for a lotto ticket, or the cashier at the grocery store. Fans unite under an umbrella, sharing a link as if they themselves are players in the game.

If you are a Baltimore football fan, you belong to a family that spans generations. There is no better fan base anywhere. Families who were once Baltimore Colt fans are now die-hard Ravens fans.

Purple pride runs deep in Bawlmer!

I celebrated that Super Sunday in 2001 with my friends and family. At the time, some of them were not really football fans, but rather came just for the party.

The energy that was shared that night was so exhilarating that by half time everyone was a true fan! Even the least interested guest was ranting and cheering for the team! Everyone becomes a football fans after watching your hometown team win a Super Bowl!

That’s why I love football! The games bring together teams of professional athletes and 70,000+ fans in an arena of blissful kinfolk, friendly competition and exciting entertainment.

Not a bad place to be…

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Think like a man?

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I logged on to AOL today and couldn’t help but notice this new book that Shanae Hall is promoting entitled, Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?

In the book Hall touches down upon this sense of entitlement that she believes professional athletes harbor (like yeah, hello) and then tells women that they can accept the behavior or do something about it. Hall is an ex-NFL wife of the Falcon’s Corey Hall.

Naturally during her book campaign tour the topic of Brett Favre surfaced. Hall weighs in…

“If he had been single, no one would have cared. But he's a married grandfather. He had a whole ‘wrangler, good boy’ image and it's gone now. That voice mail message he left her, the one they released, he sounded so at ease, so comfortable.

“If he sounded that comfortable doing something that sneaky, it wasn't the first time he'd left a message like that. Of all the NFL players I know, and I know a lot, the one thing they have in common is that there are no consequences for their behavior. They can do whatever they want and people just bend over backwards to let them.”

They’ll tolerate many things for a “W” in the NFL.

This reminded me of that player from the Kansas City Chiefs – Dwayne Bowe (I Googled it). Anyway, Bowe broke man code by telling the world what that many of his teammates line up booty calls when they are out of town. I’m sure Bowe is a popular guy every time the Chiefs hit the road, right?

All of this just really makes me appreciate a player who Plays Like a Raven yet never forgets that his top priority is his family. Those guys (and their women according to Hall) know who they are.

But one player I can’t appreciate is Favre. If MTV wants a real reality show, just follow this drama queen’s career. I’ll try to chronicle that drama here from memory without exact dates which aren’t all that important.

* Boozehound while a member of the Falcons and traded after his rookie season to Green Bay
* Hooked on Vicodin, press conference to announce it with corrective measures
* Cameo in Something About Mary (pretty cool really) as Brett Favre-rah
* Wants out of Green Bay after retiring, un-retiring, retiring, not sure about un-retiring again
* Lands in New York for a season and pines for Jenn Sterger (see video below)
* Helps Jets to a fast start in 2008 but fades, later blames Eric Mangini for playing him with a sore arm
* Retires again
* Makes another comeback
* Changes his mind
* Makes another comeback after being traded to the Vikings
* Has a career season in 2009
* Retires again
* Is the NFL’s first active player to become a grandpa
* Un-retires
* Changes his mind
* Un-retires again
* Recordings of his advances towards Sterger surface (along with alleged pics of his junk)
* Wrangler dumps him as a spokesperson…maybe they weren’t comfortable enough for his junk after all
* Now a suspension looms

Think he’ll ditch his teammates and retire mid-season?

What a douche bag Favre is.

Sorry Shanae-nay, with all due respect, if this is thinking like a man, I’ll pass!

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Ola Chicas!

So last week the sport talking heads madethe Ravens their “sweetheart team”. They favored us to win against the Patriots and Vegas betting picked us 7-1 as 2011 Super bowl champs. Theidea of us becoming a team that the media would actual take notice of made most of Baltimore fans uncomfortable.

No one has ever given the Ravens the props that they are due. Even 10 years ago, after winning the Super Bowl, the media didn’t acknowledge the Ravens as a team whose efforts deserved the title.

Baltimore has always been the underdogs and the team’s tenacity, strength and determination have gone unrecognized by the sports media. While they barely notice our players good deeds on the field, they have always acknowledged the off the field antics. Though fans are not proud of our players away from the game activities, we have fed off the lack of positive comments and the continual disrespect that our boys in purple have gotten. It fuels our resolve to have to come out swinging every Sunday.

This past week was a real mind bender for Baltimore fans. We didn’t know what to do with all the positive attention. We are used to defending our team, even amongst each other, that we had no response to the optimistic pregame claims.

So what did we do with all this confident hype?

We got our hopes up, started pumping our chests, and started believing that our Ravens were invincible. So look what happened. The Ravens played like Ravens.

Normally I’m not a superstitious person, but I hope that this week the heads find another team to give their props to. Let’s leave well enough alone. The media should go back to looking at The Ravens as the disorganized bad boy team of the NFL that doesn’t deserve the media’s time or attention!

The way we play, Ravens fan have a hard enough time watching our boys every Sunday. We don’t need over groomed retired football players in shiny suits feeding fuel to our fire! Let the heads stick to sucking up to Baby Brady, Pretty Peyton and Ruthless Roethlisberger

Chicas Save the Date!

Hope to see all the Chix at our first Ravens Chix Flocking Wednesday October 27, 7 pm Liberatore’s in Perry Hall.

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A Royal Pain!

Posted by Monday, October 18, 2010 1 comments

While driving around yesterday picking up a few things for a little family Ravens’ game gathering, I was listening to 105.7 the Fan. Yes, believe it or not I do that even when I’m not riding shotgun with my husband.

So, I’m listening to their pregame show and dominating the conversation is this girl named Jenn Royal (not sure of the spelling here). This girl obviously has compromising pictures of her boss because she brings nothing to the show. I was never an Anita Marks fan but this chick makes Marks seem like Bill Belichick.

Did anyone see the temper tantrum thrown by Tom Brady in the fourth quarter yesterday? What a friggin’ baby. He reminded me of my 3 year old nephew after his Mom told him he couldn’t have a lollipop until he finished his dinner. It’s football pretty boy. Get over yourself.

One pretty boy who is tough is Todd Heap. I’ve heard guys get on Heap for being soft but after that cheap shot from that cheap shot artist Brandon Meriweather, I thought for sure we had seen the last of Heap for the day. But he shook off that vicious head shot and re-entered the game. After the game, Heap withheld judgment on Meriweather until he had a chance to review the game film.

Contrast his toughness and his level-headedness with that of the Patriots’ golden boy.


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So what’s up with this eye black stuff? You see these players wear it all the time but what purpose does it really serve?

Nobody asked me but I think it’s a fashion statement more than anything else. I mean, truth be told the lady players in the Lingerie Football League (coming to a Ravens Chix Flocking on Oct. 27) wear it for fashion. The NFL players would never admit it but you can’t tell me that stuff actually cuts down on the sun’s glare. Why don’t you see lifeguards wearing that stuff if this were really true?

Look they wear that stuff when it’s cloudy and they wear it indoors too! Maybe someone could sell me that the sun is in fact more attracted to the eye black than say one’s skin. But what about those bzillion light bulbs at night in a stadium or in the domes? Are they attracted to the eye black?

Sorry, not buying!

Maybe the players just want to look more menacing and they put it on. You hear players refer to each other as warriors and they say silly things like, “It’s time to go to war.” So maybe that black gunk is their war paint. You have to admit it makes some of those dudes look pretty bad ass, you know?

If I was a quarterback and I saw Ray Lewis staring at me from the other side of the line, I’d be a little worried. No. 52 is a pretty intense guy and I could see where that stuff might work to his advantage.

But how do you explain Tom Brady wearing the eye black? On him it’s about as intimidating as a bad eyeliner job on Mrs. Brady. I don’t see Joe Flacco wearing it. Peyton Manning? Nope.

What’s next Tom, lip gloss to make you more wind resistant?

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She’s been a Miami Dolphins fan (despite the annoying team fight song) since she was a little girl. She later became a Dolphins cheerleader and now she’s the poster child for Victoria Secret’s new line of NFL women’s gear.

Her name is Jamie Edmondson and here’s a sampling of the Q&A exchange in a recent interview:

TSJ: Issues aside, are you glad that there are finally proper fashions for the female football fan?

Jaime: I’m loving this trend for the ladies. Just because we have vaginas doesn’t mean we can’t be into sports. And just because we’re into sports doesn’t mean we don’t like to look cute. Sexy team apparel like this covers all the bases.

TSJ: Actually, it appears to cover very little. This sure beats seeing you in some ill-fitting jersey designed for a dude.

Jaime: A girl can still look hot in one of those, and there’s a time and place for everything. Like at home after the game with nothing on underneath.

Chicas, what do you think?

Here's a video that might help you make up your mind...

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Ola Chicas!

Last year we created Ravens Chix because “Girls just wanna have fun!” And that is what has always been about anyway.

This “flavor” of 24x7 extends the fun with a different twist geared towards the ladies. Look we’re Ravenmaniacs too and if you are like me and my girl friends, you “Bleed Purple”, you are passionate about being female, you cherish family & friends, and you have a desire to live life to the fullest.

Sound familiar?

Then Ravens Chix is for you!

But now we plan to be more than just a blog and we are extending the concept. Our Ravens Facebook Group now has over 1,500 members and our newly created profile (Ravens Chix) is nearly 600 friends strong. AND on October 27, 2010 at Liberatore’s in Perry Hall we will kick off our inaugural monthly Ravens Chix Flocking.

What is the “Flocking”?

Well first and foremost it’s about fun. You won’t hear us pounding our Ta-Ta’s and brand ourselves as some champion of the economy and how we can stimulate local businesses through advocacy and professional collaborations and other politically correct rhetoric and mumbo jumbo. Don’t we hear enough of that BS with all of the political ads they beat us over the head with all day and night on TV?

The last thing we want is to build some bureaucracy or professional networking club that seems about as real as Pamela Anderson. Look, rules and regs, and codes and bylaws and economic stimuli all have their respective purposes but when I leave the office, I LEAVE THE OFFICE – AND I leave those humdrum things behind.

Now there’s nothing wrong with networking.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting business.

And by all means there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with supporting a worthwhile charity.

We will do all those things and more while riding the wings of FUN!

So beginning October 27 at 6PM at Liberatore’s in Perry Hall we will:

· Offer great music and Ravens themed martinis
· Food Demonstration & Tasting by a Liberatore’s Chef
· Games, Prizes
· Event themed tee-shirts for sale to benefit the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center (JHCC)
· A visit from 7 year old Rachel Riskin, a JHCC success story
· Q&A session with players from the LFL’s Baltimore Charm – when lingerie and football collide
· Happy Hour prices & Admission is Free
· And of course we’ll celebrate our Baltimore Ravens

Stay tuned for additions to this great line up as we get closer to the flocking via Facebook. Friend us at Ravens Chix!

So come on, the season is a promising one and our boys have the best record in the NFL.

Join us…Root, Rant and Rave!

Can’t wait to meet you girls!

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