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Ola Chicas,

The best part of Sunday’s game was the honoring of our 2001 Super Bowl Ravens. It was awesome to have so many players and coaches come out for the event. The pregame introduction with the line of Super Bowl winners cheering on our current team was such fun! The high point of the event came when they introduced OJ Brigance. The stadium gave him a wonderful welcome.

What an amazing man and a courageous warrior.

He is an inspiration to us all.

Do you remember where you were when the 2001 Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl?
I can clearly remember where I watched the game. That memory ranks right up there with remembering where I was when Kennedy was shot and later John Lennon; when the space shuttle exploded and when 911 occurred. I remembered those because they were horrible acts of destruction, but the Super Bowl was a memory of pure joy.

Like most good memories the very best part of our Super Bowl win was that I shared it with other fans, friends and family. Fans of Super Bowl teams have a deeper bond to the team and to each other.

The bonds and camaraderie that sport
s fans share is remarkable.

Just walk down the street in your football fan gear and people start to nod or shout a cheer. You are instantly a friend of the guy in line for a lotto ticket, or the cashier at the grocery store. Fans unite under an umbrella, sharing a link as if they themselves are players in the game.

If you are a Baltimore football fan, you belong to a family that spans generations. There is no better fan base anywhere. Families who were once Baltimore Colt fans are now die-hard Ravens fans.

Purple pride runs deep in Bawlmer!

I celebrated that Super Sunday in 2001 with my friends and family. At the time, some of them were not really football fans, but rather came just for the party.

The energy that was shared that night was so exhilarating that by half time everyone was a true fan! Even the least interested guest was ranting and cheering for the team! Everyone becomes a football fans after watching your hometown team win a Super Bowl!

That’s why I love football! The games bring together teams of professional athletes and 70,000+ fans in an arena of blissful kinfolk, friendly competition and exciting entertainment.

Not a bad place to be…


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