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A Royal Pain!

Posted by Monday, October 18, 2010

While driving around yesterday picking up a few things for a little family Ravens’ game gathering, I was listening to 105.7 the Fan. Yes, believe it or not I do that even when I’m not riding shotgun with my husband.

So, I’m listening to their pregame show and dominating the conversation is this girl named Jenn Royal (not sure of the spelling here). This girl obviously has compromising pictures of her boss because she brings nothing to the show. I was never an Anita Marks fan but this chick makes Marks seem like Bill Belichick.

Did anyone see the temper tantrum thrown by Tom Brady in the fourth quarter yesterday? What a friggin’ baby. He reminded me of my 3 year old nephew after his Mom told him he couldn’t have a lollipop until he finished his dinner. It’s football pretty boy. Get over yourself.

One pretty boy who is tough is Todd Heap. I’ve heard guys get on Heap for being soft but after that cheap shot from that cheap shot artist Brandon Meriweather, I thought for sure we had seen the last of Heap for the day. But he shook off that vicious head shot and re-entered the game. After the game, Heap withheld judgment on Meriweather until he had a chance to review the game film.

Contrast his toughness and his level-headedness with that of the Patriots’ golden boy.


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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I can't even listen to the pregame or post game show on 105.7 anymore because of Bulldog, then they put her on there too. Nah can't even stand to hear Bulldogs dumb butt. I listen to 105.7 all day at work except from 9-noon when that ahole is on, so I am feeling your pain on that stuff.
    As far as Todd Heap goes, love him. They always talk the trash about him, but who else on this team takes hits like he does and gets up to do it all again.
    I pointed out that candy ass, cry baby Brady throwing a fit on Sunday, what a baby. Thanks for letting me vent. Betsy Green


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