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Posted by Friday, October 29, 2010

Ola Chicas,

Ravens are giving us an exciting season! Though we hit some rough spots this past week, our team is coming together and what can we say about our Offense? How about “We have one”!! Let’s keep rooting and ranting our boys on to victory.

While at the game on Sunday I noticed that all of the excitement isn’t just on the playing field. On the sidelines the main attraction are the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders. Four squads of lovely ladies, shake, pump and dance around the sidelines building the crowds enthusiasm and energy.

Our Ravens cheerleaders are unique in the NFL because we have two coed cheerleading squads. Yes the renowned bad boy NFL team is the only team in the entire league to have boys cheering, jumping and pumping on the sidelines. This doesn’t sit well with most male fans. My guy friends all agree “Guys don’t belong on the cheerleading squads.”

I disagree, and not just because they look great in their black polyester cheerleading outfits.

The male team mates enhance the sideline entertainment and program possibilities. Having males on the squad allows for a greater range of dances and acrobatics. The males are the stable anchors for those little tiny Ravens “fly cheerleaders”. They toss, catch and hoist the girls one atop the other. They also shout cheers to the fans through large megaphones and run banners and flags up and down the field.

And yes the sex appeal factor is another reason to have the muscle beefed boys. They do attract attention from the female fans. In between plays and during halftime, a little more flexing isn’t a bad thing. You can never have too many “guns out” at a football game.

Rave On Chicas!

Kosmo Krys


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. very cool outlook :) but the cheerleading terminology needs some brushing up on ;)

    the "fly cheerleaders" = flyers

    ONE coed squad. ONE dance squad. ONE complete cheerleading team. (4 sidelines to hit all 4 corners of the stadium).

    And they retired the guys black polyester years ago. lol. simply wind pants.

  3. Kosmo Krys Says:
  4. Ola A,
    Thanks for the polyester pants update and the correct terminology:) We would love to learn more about the team. Please feel free to share your thoughts on what its like to be the guy on the cheerleading squad!


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