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Think like a man?

Posted by Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I logged on to AOL today and couldn’t help but notice this new book that Shanae Hall is promoting entitled, Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?

In the book Hall touches down upon this sense of entitlement that she believes professional athletes harbor (like yeah, hello) and then tells women that they can accept the behavior or do something about it. Hall is an ex-NFL wife of the Falcon’s Corey Hall.

Naturally during her book campaign tour the topic of Brett Favre surfaced. Hall weighs in…

“If he had been single, no one would have cared. But he's a married grandfather. He had a whole ‘wrangler, good boy’ image and it's gone now. That voice mail message he left her, the one they released, he sounded so at ease, so comfortable.

“If he sounded that comfortable doing something that sneaky, it wasn't the first time he'd left a message like that. Of all the NFL players I know, and I know a lot, the one thing they have in common is that there are no consequences for their behavior. They can do whatever they want and people just bend over backwards to let them.”

They’ll tolerate many things for a “W” in the NFL.

This reminded me of that player from the Kansas City Chiefs – Dwayne Bowe (I Googled it). Anyway, Bowe broke man code by telling the world what that many of his teammates line up booty calls when they are out of town. I’m sure Bowe is a popular guy every time the Chiefs hit the road, right?

All of this just really makes me appreciate a player who Plays Like a Raven yet never forgets that his top priority is his family. Those guys (and their women according to Hall) know who they are.

But one player I can’t appreciate is Favre. If MTV wants a real reality show, just follow this drama queen’s career. I’ll try to chronicle that drama here from memory without exact dates which aren’t all that important.

* Boozehound while a member of the Falcons and traded after his rookie season to Green Bay
* Hooked on Vicodin, press conference to announce it with corrective measures
* Cameo in Something About Mary (pretty cool really) as Brett Favre-rah
* Wants out of Green Bay after retiring, un-retiring, retiring, not sure about un-retiring again
* Lands in New York for a season and pines for Jenn Sterger (see video below)
* Helps Jets to a fast start in 2008 but fades, later blames Eric Mangini for playing him with a sore arm
* Retires again
* Makes another comeback
* Changes his mind
* Makes another comeback after being traded to the Vikings
* Has a career season in 2009
* Retires again
* Is the NFL’s first active player to become a grandpa
* Un-retires
* Changes his mind
* Un-retires again
* Recordings of his advances towards Sterger surface (along with alleged pics of his junk)
* Wrangler dumps him as a spokesperson…maybe they weren’t comfortable enough for his junk after all
* Now a suspension looms

Think he’ll ditch his teammates and retire mid-season?

What a douche bag Favre is.

Sorry Shanae-nay, with all due respect, if this is thinking like a man, I’ll pass!

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  1. Sheila Tequila, you go girl! I don't know where you've been hiding but I'm glad you came out. Don't be a stranger. Ravens Chix needs a spin like yours!


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