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Talking heads don’t need to talk Ravens

Posted by Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ola Chicas!

So last week the sport talking heads madethe Ravens their “sweetheart team”. They favored us to win against the Patriots and Vegas betting picked us 7-1 as 2011 Super bowl champs. Theidea of us becoming a team that the media would actual take notice of made most of Baltimore fans uncomfortable.

No one has ever given the Ravens the props that they are due. Even 10 years ago, after winning the Super Bowl, the media didn’t acknowledge the Ravens as a team whose efforts deserved the title.

Baltimore has always been the underdogs and the team’s tenacity, strength and determination have gone unrecognized by the sports media. While they barely notice our players good deeds on the field, they have always acknowledged the off the field antics. Though fans are not proud of our players away from the game activities, we have fed off the lack of positive comments and the continual disrespect that our boys in purple have gotten. It fuels our resolve to have to come out swinging every Sunday.

This past week was a real mind bender for Baltimore fans. We didn’t know what to do with all the positive attention. We are used to defending our team, even amongst each other, that we had no response to the optimistic pregame claims.

So what did we do with all this confident hype?

We got our hopes up, started pumping our chests, and started believing that our Ravens were invincible. So look what happened. The Ravens played like Ravens.

Normally I’m not a superstitious person, but I hope that this week the heads find another team to give their props to. Let’s leave well enough alone. The media should go back to looking at The Ravens as the disorganized bad boy team of the NFL that doesn’t deserve the media’s time or attention!

The way we play, Ravens fan have a hard enough time watching our boys every Sunday. We don’t need over groomed retired football players in shiny suits feeding fuel to our fire! Let the heads stick to sucking up to Baby Brady, Pretty Peyton and Ruthless Roethlisberger

Chicas Save the Date!

Hope to see all the Chix at our first Ravens Chix Flocking Wednesday October 27, 7 pm Liberatore’s in Perry Hall.


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