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She’s been a Miami Dolphins fan (despite the annoying team fight song) since she was a little girl. She later became a Dolphins cheerleader and now she’s the poster child for Victoria Secret’s new line of NFL women’s gear.

Her name is Jamie Edmondson and here’s a sampling of the Q&A exchange in a recent interview:

TSJ: Issues aside, are you glad that there are finally proper fashions for the female football fan?

Jaime: I’m loving this trend for the ladies. Just because we have vaginas doesn’t mean we can’t be into sports. And just because we’re into sports doesn’t mean we don’t like to look cute. Sexy team apparel like this covers all the bases.

TSJ: Actually, it appears to cover very little. This sure beats seeing you in some ill-fitting jersey designed for a dude.

Jaime: A girl can still look hot in one of those, and there’s a time and place for everything. Like at home after the game with nothing on underneath.

Chicas, what do you think?

Here's a video that might help you make up your mind...


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