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So the Ravens want to “Purple Out” M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday Night. On the surface, not a bad idea but how is that any different than any other Sunday?

Did you watch the game against the Bucs? I’m sure you did. Wasn’t purple the overwhelmingly predominant color in the stands? Isn’t it always?

But the Ravens PR group wants to put a slight twist on this “Purple Out.” You see, they want to hand out purple towels in what I assume is an attempt to drown out the few thousand yellow towels that Pittsburgh fans will undoubtedly swirl in a manner reminiscent of the way the world famous fairy Tinkerbell waves her magic wand.

Screw that!

Just because Braves fans hum that nauseating tune accompanied by that ridiculous chop, do I want to do that at Orioles games? Just because the Detroit Red Wings’ fans throw octopuses on the ice, should Caps’ fans do the same?

No and no!

So why should I want to emulate the stupid tradition of our bitter rivals?

Hey in boxing when they throw in the towel, doesn’t that mean they quit?

What’s this attraction to towels? Do you think they do anything to distract the opponent? Last time I checked in order to clap or to cup your hands to help project your voice, you need two hands. If one of them is waving a towel…

Hello McFly?

How about we do this the old fashioned way and scream our lungs out and forget the damn towels. Why not have a “Towel Out.” If the Ravens want to drown out those eyesore yellow snot rags, then ban them! It’s our stadium.

Let’s have a Terrible Towel barbeque just outside the stadium.

Look I’ve seen those Myron Cope concoctions start fights after one Towel-a-Ban fan “accidentally” hits a Ravens fan in the head.

How about a sign like this at the stadium entrances:


Maybe this idea is being driven by a deep-pocketed corporate sponsor of the Ravens looking to make their mark at the game and I’m cool with that – conceptually. But how about some rally sticks instead to help generate even more noise?

Come on Ravens – come to your senses.

Either ban towels all together or if you or a sponsor is feeling so philanthropic, issue the sticks.

And the rest of you, just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

The Ravens home record suggests that it’s working.

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Despite what this featured photo might suggest, those guys on the field wearing the stripes are really nice! This week Ravens Chix met with a few of the men who officiate for the NFL.

I never really gave much thought to neither these guys nor their jobs. I like any good fan would notice them only when they made a call that I didn’t like or that I loved! It was great to learn more officiating for the NFL.

I didn’t know that the officials were part time employees for the NFL. To be an NFL official they must have 10 years of experience and have been a referee at the collegiate level. They also have to be in good physical shape.

Now I’m not sure what the NFL’s criteria is for good physical shape, but some of the guys on the field look like they could work a little harder at this requirement.

They work in areas of the country and work as a crew. There are seven officials for a game and only one is called “referee”. The others work specific areas of the field and are called the line judge, side judge and so on. The NFL scores each referee on their field abilities and thus they are ranked throughout the year.

If they blow a call on Sunday they hear about it on Monday.

After having spent some time learning more about their positions, I have to give 'em props. It’s a tough job and there is not much glory in it. They get more harassment from the fans than any NFL team does. No matter what stadium they go to, one bad call and they are on every fans D list.

Both officials that Ravens Chix met live right here in Ravenstown!

When they are on the field they have to put their purple pride aside.

Right, sure.

It was great to meet the officials and it was nice
that there were no flags, whistles or bad calls. Here's a link to an ABC 2 News feature on you Chix!

Cheers to the Men in Stripes!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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12th Man –Don’t be Jerk!

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When you are Jerk you are a JERK! I couldn’t believe reports from Cleveland that a grown man tackled an 8 year fan of an opposing team!


Did he really jump on a little child!

I can only imagine how frightening that must have been for that little boy. If I were that child’s parent I wouldn’t have had any restraint in retaliating! I don’t care how big or tough that guy thought he was, my foot would have landed dead center below his belt! What in the world is happening? Or is just that it was in Cleveland? Ok right it was a Browns fan… no surprise there eh?

I don’t get men and their insanely outrageous displays of fan pride and passion! You can recognize the jerks the minute you see them. I’ve had to seat near these PITA guys at games. Add a few beers and the jerk of fan starts making smart ass comments to others seated near him, even to his own teams fans! Then he turns to the field and yells obscenities to the players, coaches and referees (like any of them can hear him).

A few more beers and the obnoxious, rude, and nasty fan starts sharing with all those around him his well thought out opinion of what’s wrong with the team and their game plan. Everyone has an opinion, I get it. In the heat of game some need to share their opinions loudly, I get that too. But these fans take their reactions to the limit and
interfere with others ability to enjoy they game! And then to have guy turn to physical violence to show his team passion!


I hate it and I hate them.

Stadium security needs to act quickly and get these jerks out as soon as they start. I’m sure that the jerk in Cleveland was a jerk well before he tackled that innocent little kid. I hope that his smart ass was taken out of the stadium and is not ever invited back. And I hope that the justice system doesn’t give this one a break.

Jerks like that need to stay at home!

They can rant, shout and throw things at the TV and no one has to put up with them.

Don’t be a JERK!

Raven On!

Kosmo Krys

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Exactly what time is “Game Time?”

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Ola Chicas,

The last few weeks have put me in a spin. Two Sundays without a Ravens game, a Thursday night game, and now a time change for our upcoming home game! NFL your messing with our karma! It is driving me crazy!

I love football and I will go to a game morning, noon or night. I am a fan in the stands in the heat, cold, rain and snow. However, I’m old school and game time is Sunday afternoon and no one should mess with it!

I schedule my fall and winter around the Ravens game schedule. I organize my family dinners, my weekend chores, and even plan my work events around home or away games.

All these changes and additions to the Sunday afternoon games are great for the NFL and the team owners but seriously as a fan I don’t need it. I carve out my Sunday as my Purple Pride day. All week long I’m a fan who is reading, watching and listening to the sports commentary. I have a wonderfully full and happy life outside of football and I fill the other 6 days a week. I don’t need to have game time 24x7, nor can I handle it. Sunday game time is stressful enough!

Come on man…we have games on all day Sunday, two nights a week, and now the potential for a longer official season?

Where will it end?

Hey NFL get rid of Thursday night game and stop messin’ with my tailgate time!
Players need their rest and fans need time for other obligations and the NFL is making plenty of cash.

I’m just sayin!


Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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Cleveland sucks! Talk about a statement of the obvious.

Look up Cleveland in the dictionary and it is listed as a synonym for “hell” only there, hell does freeze over.

If given a choice between Cleveland and hell, relatively speaking hell is Club Med.

So why this random rant about the Mistake on the Lake?

Hold that thought!

Everybody knows about Cleveland, the city with a river so polluted it once caught on fire. Legend has it that some guy, probably a drunk, was walking along the shores of Lake Erie, flicked his cigarette into the water, and holy smokes the thing blew up like the Godfather!

Anyone remember the movie Major League based on an imaginary Cleveland Indians team that wanted to high tail it out of town? Not a lot of imagination there is it? Everyone wants to leave Cleveland.

Cleveland sucks so bad that they had to film Major League II in Baltimore and pretend it was Cleveland. I'm sure that’s how most Clevelanders cope – they pretend they are somewhere else.

Remember the last time the Cleveland Indians made it to the post season? I do. You know why? The players were swarmed under by a plethora of flying six-legged creatures. In Cleveland they call that home field advantage. Jacobs Field is the only stadium in the league where they hand out OFF after they take your ticket.

Remember a couple of years back the Browns locker room was a cesspool of staph infection?

Or what about the time the refs made a couple of bad calls and the pleasant Cleveland fans littered the field with beer bottles?

And they all bitch about Art Modell leaving that place? Maybe they are all just too pissed off that they haven’t left yet! Oh and while I’m no LeBron James fan who can fault him for getting out of Cleveland. Let’s see, South Beach…Cleveland…brain…brain on drugs.

You get the picture…

The media seems to enjoy chastising Philadelphia fans. How do these bozos in Cleveland get a hall pass? They are the worst and it’s not even close!

Just the other day I read a story about how a family of Jets fans went to Cleveland to watch their team take on the host Browns. After the Jets’ overtime win, the family made their way to the parking lot and along the walk they were verbally abused. You see the 8-year-old little boy in the family was sporting a Jets’ jersey.

And if that weren’t enough, some drunk a$$ Browns fan – an adult mind you, decides to tackle the little boy. He goes down, scrapes and bruises his ankle and the family, fearing the mob, gets in their car and drives away.

Props to the father of that family. I’m sure most men would retaliate and defend their son. But he was sensible. I mean if these clowns would tackle an 8-year-old, what might they do in numbers to the boy’s Mom and Dad.

Burn Cleveland Burn.

You suck!

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Ola Chicas!

This is the first season that I have a parking lot pass. I was so excited bout the chance to host a tailgate party on the stadium lots filled with purple pride. We had high aspirations of hosting awesome tailgates for our friends and planned on serving yummy homemade dishes, tasty drink concoctions and setting up an elaborate decorated spread. Our dreams were crushed the first game when the rain and wind dowsed our delicious menu, watered down our bloody Mary mix and blew our decoration down the lot.

The following two home games the weather was perfect. We set up our party early and enjoyed the lot festivities. Unfortunately we failed to take heed when the other tailgaters started breaking down their parties. We were the last to pack up on the lots and thus arrived late in the first quarter of the game.

Though we enjoyed hosting our little spread, we realized that tailgate parties are not easy events to pull off. Tailgating requires an intense amount of pre-planning and organizing. There maybe a little too much planning and organizing for us.

In order to host a party out of the back of your vehicle, you need to have your party compact, well thought out and easy to assemble and disassemble. For us the set up and break down for a 2-3 hour party is far too much work. It just takes away from time better spent enjoying the rest of lot festivities.

Then of course you must be able to adapt your tailgate party plans to deal with the elements. Rain, cold and wind are a huge issue but even the sun and heat can be a problem. Every week you have to take the weather into your pre-game day party plans.

This past week’s cooler weather sealed the deal on hosting tailgates for us. It’s not how we roll. Look, we love having our lot parking pass; we love the parties on the lots; and we really love meeting Ravens fans.


We DON’T really like to prepare and set up the elaborate tailgate spread.

I now have much greater appreciation for those fans who host those all out full blown tailgate parties. It’s amazing to see fans that bring grills, tables, chairs, coolers, tents, TV’s, flag poles as well as tons of food and drink! You are my tailgate heroes!

From now on we are doing tailgating “chillin style”… a cooler of beers, flask of brandy (for the colder days) and couple of cold cut subs. I’ll spend my pre game planning time deciding on my game day fan attire. Once on the lots, we’ll spend our time visiting the tailgates of our Type A friends, who host those well organized and efficiently awesome Ravens Tailgates Extraordinaire Parties!

To Ravens Chicas tailgating on the lots….Hope you’ll invite me over! I’ll share my baggy full of beers!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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Some of us today have our heads hanging low while others are rejoicing as we wallow in the mire or bask in the glow of the Election Day results. The divisiveness of politics really sucks and I can’t help but think, “Can’t we all just get along?”

But this blog is supposed to be fun and/or about football related topics and I don’t want to bore you with my own political persuasions. There’s enough of that hot air going around.

But the divisiveness did remind me of something near and dear to our hearts – the NFL.

Recently I read Tony Lombardi’s interview with team owner Steve Bisciotti and I was happy to hear that the Ravens’ owner is 100% certain that there will be football in the 2011 season. There’s just too much to lose for all sides; the players and the owners but perhaps even more importantly – the fans.

However I am a bit dismayed by all this talk about an 18 game regular season. Why do they want to mess up a great thing? Each week I get my panties in a twist over the Ravens injury report.

Todd Heap is hurt again?

What do you mean Ray Rice has a sprained ankle?

Paul Kruger finally plays and he gets hurt?

I mean I sweat it out wondering if my favorite guys are going to hit the field healthy during a 16 game season. Ok well let’s add 2 more games and all this will get better right?

And you know what really ticks me off about this idea? Roger Goodell.

You see The Commish wants to sell the ignorant and uninformed fans on the concept of an 18 game season by telling us that he’s listened to our pleas and understands that we are upset about having to pay full tariff for those boring preseason games when the veterans for the most part simply punch the time clock.

Hooray for you Roger!

But you see the NFL doesn’t really want to let go of your money, they just want to add two games to the regular season. Then they can sell those extra games to the networks and fill their ample coffers even more. So in effect the NFL could be taking those garbage games in August and making them garbage games in January.


Well look at it this way. What if the Ravens have a 3 game lead after 16 games and they have no reason to play the veterans. Suddenly it looks like a preseason game in winter.

Do me a favor Goodell. Sell your BS somewhere else!

Here’s an idea for you suits in the NFL ivory tower…how about you just give us fans all a break for a year or two in this tough economic climate and charge us half price for your half ass games?

That might help us all get along…

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