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12th Man –Don’t be Jerk!

Posted by Sunday, November 21, 2010

When you are Jerk you are a JERK! I couldn’t believe reports from Cleveland that a grown man tackled an 8 year fan of an opposing team!


Did he really jump on a little child!

I can only imagine how frightening that must have been for that little boy. If I were that child’s parent I wouldn’t have had any restraint in retaliating! I don’t care how big or tough that guy thought he was, my foot would have landed dead center below his belt! What in the world is happening? Or is just that it was in Cleveland? Ok right it was a Browns fan… no surprise there eh?

I don’t get men and their insanely outrageous displays of fan pride and passion! You can recognize the jerks the minute you see them. I’ve had to seat near these PITA guys at games. Add a few beers and the jerk of fan starts making smart ass comments to others seated near him, even to his own teams fans! Then he turns to the field and yells obscenities to the players, coaches and referees (like any of them can hear him).

A few more beers and the obnoxious, rude, and nasty fan starts sharing with all those around him his well thought out opinion of what’s wrong with the team and their game plan. Everyone has an opinion, I get it. In the heat of game some need to share their opinions loudly, I get that too. But these fans take their reactions to the limit and
interfere with others ability to enjoy they game! And then to have guy turn to physical violence to show his team passion!


I hate it and I hate them.

Stadium security needs to act quickly and get these jerks out as soon as they start. I’m sure that the jerk in Cleveland was a jerk well before he tackled that innocent little kid. I hope that his smart ass was taken out of the stadium and is not ever invited back. And I hope that the justice system doesn’t give this one a break.

Jerks like that need to stay at home!

They can rant, shout and throw things at the TV and no one has to put up with them.

Don’t be a JERK!

Raven On!

Kosmo Krys


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