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Some of us today have our heads hanging low while others are rejoicing as we wallow in the mire or bask in the glow of the Election Day results. The divisiveness of politics really sucks and I can’t help but think, “Can’t we all just get along?”

But this blog is supposed to be fun and/or about football related topics and I don’t want to bore you with my own political persuasions. There’s enough of that hot air going around.

But the divisiveness did remind me of something near and dear to our hearts – the NFL.

Recently I read Tony Lombardi’s interview with team owner Steve Bisciotti and I was happy to hear that the Ravens’ owner is 100% certain that there will be football in the 2011 season. There’s just too much to lose for all sides; the players and the owners but perhaps even more importantly – the fans.

However I am a bit dismayed by all this talk about an 18 game regular season. Why do they want to mess up a great thing? Each week I get my panties in a twist over the Ravens injury report.

Todd Heap is hurt again?

What do you mean Ray Rice has a sprained ankle?

Paul Kruger finally plays and he gets hurt?

I mean I sweat it out wondering if my favorite guys are going to hit the field healthy during a 16 game season. Ok well let’s add 2 more games and all this will get better right?

And you know what really ticks me off about this idea? Roger Goodell.

You see The Commish wants to sell the ignorant and uninformed fans on the concept of an 18 game season by telling us that he’s listened to our pleas and understands that we are upset about having to pay full tariff for those boring preseason games when the veterans for the most part simply punch the time clock.

Hooray for you Roger!

But you see the NFL doesn’t really want to let go of your money, they just want to add two games to the regular season. Then they can sell those extra games to the networks and fill their ample coffers even more. So in effect the NFL could be taking those garbage games in August and making them garbage games in January.


Well look at it this way. What if the Ravens have a 3 game lead after 16 games and they have no reason to play the veterans. Suddenly it looks like a preseason game in winter.

Do me a favor Goodell. Sell your BS somewhere else!

Here’s an idea for you suits in the NFL ivory tower…how about you just give us fans all a break for a year or two in this tough economic climate and charge us half price for your half ass games?

That might help us all get along…

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  1. If Sheila Tequila ran for office she'd get my vote


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