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Exactly what time is “Game Time?”

Posted by Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ola Chicas,

The last few weeks have put me in a spin. Two Sundays without a Ravens game, a Thursday night game, and now a time change for our upcoming home game! NFL your messing with our karma! It is driving me crazy!

I love football and I will go to a game morning, noon or night. I am a fan in the stands in the heat, cold, rain and snow. However, I’m old school and game time is Sunday afternoon and no one should mess with it!

I schedule my fall and winter around the Ravens game schedule. I organize my family dinners, my weekend chores, and even plan my work events around home or away games.

All these changes and additions to the Sunday afternoon games are great for the NFL and the team owners but seriously as a fan I don’t need it. I carve out my Sunday as my Purple Pride day. All week long I’m a fan who is reading, watching and listening to the sports commentary. I have a wonderfully full and happy life outside of football and I fill the other 6 days a week. I don’t need to have game time 24x7, nor can I handle it. Sunday game time is stressful enough!

Come on man…we have games on all day Sunday, two nights a week, and now the potential for a longer official season?

Where will it end?

Hey NFL get rid of Thursday night game and stop messin’ with my tailgate time!
Players need their rest and fans need time for other obligations and the NFL is making plenty of cash.

I’m just sayin!


Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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