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Here’s to the Men in Stripes

Posted by Monday, November 29, 2010

Despite what this featured photo might suggest, those guys on the field wearing the stripes are really nice! This week Ravens Chix met with a few of the men who officiate for the NFL.

I never really gave much thought to neither these guys nor their jobs. I like any good fan would notice them only when they made a call that I didn’t like or that I loved! It was great to learn more officiating for the NFL.

I didn’t know that the officials were part time employees for the NFL. To be an NFL official they must have 10 years of experience and have been a referee at the collegiate level. They also have to be in good physical shape.

Now I’m not sure what the NFL’s criteria is for good physical shape, but some of the guys on the field look like they could work a little harder at this requirement.

They work in areas of the country and work as a crew. There are seven officials for a game and only one is called “referee”. The others work specific areas of the field and are called the line judge, side judge and so on. The NFL scores each referee on their field abilities and thus they are ranked throughout the year.

If they blow a call on Sunday they hear about it on Monday.

After having spent some time learning more about their positions, I have to give 'em props. It’s a tough job and there is not much glory in it. They get more harassment from the fans than any NFL team does. No matter what stadium they go to, one bad call and they are on every fans D list.

Both officials that Ravens Chix met live right here in Ravenstown!

When they are on the field they have to put their purple pride aside.

Right, sure.

It was great to meet the officials and it was nice
that there were no flags, whistles or bad calls. Here's a link to an ABC 2 News feature on you Chix!

Cheers to the Men in Stripes!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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