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So the Ravens want to “Purple Out” M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday Night. On the surface, not a bad idea but how is that any different than any other Sunday?

Did you watch the game against the Bucs? I’m sure you did. Wasn’t purple the overwhelmingly predominant color in the stands? Isn’t it always?

But the Ravens PR group wants to put a slight twist on this “Purple Out.” You see, they want to hand out purple towels in what I assume is an attempt to drown out the few thousand yellow towels that Pittsburgh fans will undoubtedly swirl in a manner reminiscent of the way the world famous fairy Tinkerbell waves her magic wand.

Screw that!

Just because Braves fans hum that nauseating tune accompanied by that ridiculous chop, do I want to do that at Orioles games? Just because the Detroit Red Wings’ fans throw octopuses on the ice, should Caps’ fans do the same?

No and no!

So why should I want to emulate the stupid tradition of our bitter rivals?

Hey in boxing when they throw in the towel, doesn’t that mean they quit?

What’s this attraction to towels? Do you think they do anything to distract the opponent? Last time I checked in order to clap or to cup your hands to help project your voice, you need two hands. If one of them is waving a towel…

Hello McFly?

How about we do this the old fashioned way and scream our lungs out and forget the damn towels. Why not have a “Towel Out.” If the Ravens want to drown out those eyesore yellow snot rags, then ban them! It’s our stadium.

Let’s have a Terrible Towel barbeque just outside the stadium.

Look I’ve seen those Myron Cope concoctions start fights after one Towel-a-Ban fan “accidentally” hits a Ravens fan in the head.

How about a sign like this at the stadium entrances:


Maybe this idea is being driven by a deep-pocketed corporate sponsor of the Ravens looking to make their mark at the game and I’m cool with that – conceptually. But how about some rally sticks instead to help generate even more noise?

Come on Ravens – come to your senses.

Either ban towels all together or if you or a sponsor is feeling so philanthropic, issue the sticks.

And the rest of you, just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

The Ravens home record suggests that it’s working.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. How about this...why not have the "Terrible Towel" BBQ and give away the Purple Towels to all the Fans!!!! Best of both worlds!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. To answer your first few questions...the answer is no. This has been my biggest complaint in regards to our marketing people. The Ravens have never had just one color that overwelms the stadium. About a third wears purple, another third white and a good mix afterwards of the black and fake blue jerseys.

    If you have ever been to a Caps game, I would say that 95% or more actually wear one color...RED.

    I for one am glad that there is at least an attempt to make everyone aware that purple should be the color of choice on Sunday night...and hopefully every home game.

    I do agree with you on the BBQ of the yellow towels and the towel out. Maybe you can help promote "wear one color" day each and every week.

    Nice article as always.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. sounds like ravens fans are crying, and worried.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Unfortunately noise makers are prohibited in the stadium. The purple towels will look great on prime time tv. Ppl don't have too wave them like steelers fans. They can hold them up and create a "wall"of purple

  9. BOYCOTT THE FREE PURPLE TOWEL: This is the worst idea I have ever heard! After years of making fun of the Steelers fans and their towels, now, we are being asked to copy the Steelers on National TV??? The Ravens Fans are quite capable of showing Purple Pride, without copying the Steelers Terrible Towel!! Please Everyone: WEAR PURPLE, DON'T WAVE IT! Boycott The Free Purple Towel.

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. Waiving a terrible towel is just terrible, This is Charm City, why we want to emmulate the Pittsburgh white trash style. Let them have that and thier nascar. Cmooooon Man... This towel idea is lame.


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