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Ola Chicas!

This is the first season that I have a parking lot pass. I was so excited bout the chance to host a tailgate party on the stadium lots filled with purple pride. We had high aspirations of hosting awesome tailgates for our friends and planned on serving yummy homemade dishes, tasty drink concoctions and setting up an elaborate decorated spread. Our dreams were crushed the first game when the rain and wind dowsed our delicious menu, watered down our bloody Mary mix and blew our decoration down the lot.

The following two home games the weather was perfect. We set up our party early and enjoyed the lot festivities. Unfortunately we failed to take heed when the other tailgaters started breaking down their parties. We were the last to pack up on the lots and thus arrived late in the first quarter of the game.

Though we enjoyed hosting our little spread, we realized that tailgate parties are not easy events to pull off. Tailgating requires an intense amount of pre-planning and organizing. There maybe a little too much planning and organizing for us.

In order to host a party out of the back of your vehicle, you need to have your party compact, well thought out and easy to assemble and disassemble. For us the set up and break down for a 2-3 hour party is far too much work. It just takes away from time better spent enjoying the rest of lot festivities.

Then of course you must be able to adapt your tailgate party plans to deal with the elements. Rain, cold and wind are a huge issue but even the sun and heat can be a problem. Every week you have to take the weather into your pre-game day party plans.

This past week’s cooler weather sealed the deal on hosting tailgates for us. It’s not how we roll. Look, we love having our lot parking pass; we love the parties on the lots; and we really love meeting Ravens fans.


We DON’T really like to prepare and set up the elaborate tailgate spread.

I now have much greater appreciation for those fans who host those all out full blown tailgate parties. It’s amazing to see fans that bring grills, tables, chairs, coolers, tents, TV’s, flag poles as well as tons of food and drink! You are my tailgate heroes!

From now on we are doing tailgating “chillin style”… a cooler of beers, flask of brandy (for the colder days) and couple of cold cut subs. I’ll spend my pre game planning time deciding on my game day fan attire. Once on the lots, we’ll spend our time visiting the tailgates of our Type A friends, who host those well organized and efficiently awesome Ravens Tailgates Extraordinaire Parties!

To Ravens Chicas tailgating on the lots….Hope you’ll invite me over! I’ll share my baggy full of beers!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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