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Ola Chicas!

I can't wrap my head around this towel thing.... Why would we the loyal fans of the original Baltimore Colts and now the awesome Baltimore Ravens want to carry little cotton towels into our M&T Bank Stadium on the Sunday night game against our biggest rivals?

Someone please tell me it’s not true!!

Please explain to me why we would want to represent ourselves as mere copy cats of the bunch of yellow towel toting Pitt followers. This purple pride decision was surely made by some male genius in the Ravens’ marketing department. Do they not employ any women with common sense? No woman in her right mind and with any fashion sense would agree to copying another teams mascot, cheers, uniforms or fan props. Think of the towel as a "fashion" statement or rather, a fan statement.

Oh and by the way an ugly beer soaked yellow terrible towel is quite a fan statement. I especially love it when it's whipping by my head spewing smelly liquid and dirt all over me! Yeah I love to hate those towels and the fans that propel 'em.

Ask any woman about fashion and she would tell that there is little worse than wearing the same Ravens tee that another woman has on. Guys, Gals ... the towel is not Ravens fan attire!

We don't need these copy cat phony props this Sunday or any other game day.

Let Pitt keep Pig Ben, Troy's hair and their sucky yellow towels.

We are Ravens fans and we Bleed PURPLE!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. The PURPLE towels looked great at 8:20pm on national TV even thought we lost.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. haha that's embarrassing. We fucking kicked your ass and we're going to the super bowl with "pig ben, troy's hair, and our sucky yellow towels". next time you try to insult us, make sure you have the skills to back it up hon. see yinz in the SUPER BOWL! (but not really)

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Ravens are going to lose. Patriots for Super Bowl

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. You stupis Ranens people betta aprove my comment


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