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It’s the Playoffs Baby

Posted by Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ola Chicas!

We are in the hunt! It has been a long season of listening to fans and sports media ripping on our players, coaches and play calls. Since September they have questioned our ability to make it through the regular season and into post season play. Well well here we are! After last month’s heartbreaking loss to ugly Ben and his band of chumps this today’s game is like a Super Bowl matchup!

No doubt our Ravens feel the heat, but they live for this type of challenge. Last week’s game was their warm up! It’s time for the fans to BELIEVE!

It’s no longer time to doubt whether the offense has got themselves together to have both a decent passing and running game. Let’s stop pointing fingers at Cam or complain about Joe. We need to stop speculating on our defensive line’s shortcomings. It’s time to look at the whole a package!

We are a team with lots of options and potential. As the 12th man we need to pump up the volume and give them energy and props! The Ravens have always been the underdogs. They have pulled themselves through many of hard places and times, both on and off the field.

We are going into the Pitt facing the same old same old; we have been there many times. Ray said it right the other day; the difference is “It’s our time!” The momentum to win is on our side. We have an urgent need to prove to ourselves and to the nation, that we, The Baltimore Ravens are better than any Steeler, Patriot or Jet!

I’ve got a feeling… that Saturday night is going to be a good good night!

I send blessings and prayers to Reed and his family. My thoughts will be with them as I watch us move past the Steelers and onto the AFC Championship!

I’ll see you at M&T on the 23rd!

Rave On

Kosmo Krys


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