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Oh oh-oh oh-oh oooooooh oooooooooh to the black and yellow terrible towels!

Ola Chicas

Oh oh-oh oh-oh oooooooh oooooooooh… What a magnificent Purple week this is! Mother Nature has calmed down and stopped wreaking havoc on us! Water levels are receding and electricity is back on.

I started September 11 with the Run to Remember 5k race that honored Baltimore first responders. As I ran through the streets of Baltimore I thanked every police, fire, emergency medical and military person I passed. It fascinated me that I was there to show my support for their sacrifice and yet the responders running with me and along the sidelines where applauding and cheering me on! They came out to support me, the way they do every other day of their lives! The experience of event was filled with a fervent energy of pride and reverence that was inspiring.

Then it was off to our opening game!

In a pregame ceremony the NFL honored those that lost their lives in our Nation’s greatest tragedy. First responders and family members of those lost in the tragedy spread a huge American flag across the field. As the band played TAPS the silence in the stadium was captivating. Afterwards the fans exploded into a mantra of USA!

Then it was game time!

Our incredible Ravens did what every purple bleeding fan had been dreaming, hoping, wishing and praying for. WE BEAT THE STEELERS DOWN! We gave them an outright whooping that the entire nation heard and respected!

I know that back at the “Castle” the momentum has turned to this week’s game with the Titans. But as a fan, I can’t (won’t) let this win go, not yet, maybe not all season. We were superior in all facets of the game from beginning to end, sending our ugly black and yellow clad rivals home with long faces and sore bodies while the hometown crowd bathed in the glory of it all.

It’s hard to pick a player or play of the game after a team performance like that one. Do you choose Flacco’s 3 touchdowns or the offensive line for giving Joe enough time to file his nails? Then there’s the defense which shut down Big Bad Ben.

Oh what about that righteous whack down of Ward by our own Jarret Johnson. And did you see Suggs take down Ben’s a$$? Let’s not forget Webb’s 11 tackles, Reed’s 2 interceptions, or Rice’s 37 yard run off our new tackle McKinney to get things rolling. The list of kudos is nearly as deep as the 53 man roster!

Kudos to the Ravens fans as well! What awesome tailgate parties and display of 12th man pride. Our enthusiasm and presence was so impressive that national sports commentators made note that Baltimore has one of the best fan bases in the NFL!

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another pleasant observation – The Terrible Towel-a-ban is a rapidly diminishing force, at least in Baltimore. Ravens PSL owners did their part by adhering to the unwritten commandment, “Thou shall not sell tickets to Steelers fans.”

It was an unforgettable day but I guess now it’s time to move on to the Titans who etter buckle up for some smash mouth football – Ravens style!

Oh did I mention we beat the Steelers 35 -7?

Yeah we won’t let this one go…

Oh oh-oh oh-oh oooooooh oooooooooh!!!

Rave On!

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Ola Chicas,

Whew! We have survived the heat of summer, earthquakes, hurricanes and now flooding. We have even survived another ugly season of baseball! Meanwhile the NFL and its players have survived the lockout and months of negotiations. So let the games begin!

This Sunday we will host one of the most jazzed up openers in NFL history! Bring on da Steelers! We are ready! Our O line has been beefed up. Ray and the Defense are ready to roll. Joe seems to be feeling more comfortable in his role as leader. The talking heads are trash talking and buzzing about the outcome. And the forecast is promising great game weather. So that leaves us, the fans, to get our purple passion on.


We all must check our list and be sure we have our best pre game on. Let’s not forget to include folding tables, lawn chairs, grills, coolers of chilled libations and a menu full of yummy carbs and protein. Final entertainment touches include tailgate lot games, music, TV for pre-game shows and lots and lots of purple banners!

This, my purple prided amigos, is NFL season 2011 and it is our season! It is time for the Ravens to shine in the spotlight all the way to Feb 2012! Let’s pull out the stoppers for this first all important game and give our boys the 12th man momentum to go all the way!

Hell yeah beat Ben and da Steelers! And after them let’s go on to beat all the others along the way!

See you on the lots!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys

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