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Celebrate Life & Awareness With Us!

Posted by Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For many years TV cameras have zoomed in on football players along the sidelines after they scored a big touchdown. Some engage in trash talking, others pound their chests and some hold up that famous digit.

There was also a day when these proud athletes would look into the camera and simply say, "Hi Mom!"

It's a very simple response to the presence and pressures of the camera really. It's also very honest and genuine because when you stop and think about it and you remove all of the other distractions, fan hoopla and window dressing, the most vital, natural, safest and essential connectivity to another human being is that to our mothers.

I lost my Mom on September 27, 1989. She was 51 years young. There has never been a day since when she's escaped my thoughts.

When you lose someone that you love dearly, particularly your Mom, there is a journey that nearly everyone travels in order to complete the mourning process. In many ways it's like a one year cycle during which you experience their birthday, your birthday and all of the holidays in a calendar year without them. You reflect upon the memories and it's those memories that keep them alive in your mind, heart and soul.

Perhaps you have lost a wonderful woman in your life. Maybe there’s a special lady suffering today and their survival rests on hope, prayer or a miraculous remission.

Cancer took my Mom and in this the month of awareness we are reminded daily that there is still a long way to go to find a cure. But together, the world is getting closer.

I would give anything to hug my Mom one more time. I’d trade my life to allow those I love to share in her because death robbed them of that chance. Death is exactly that – a robber.

But caring people who practice random acts of kindness are helping. Small contributions from everywhere are slowly but surely developing a home security system to keep the robber from all homes. Every little bit counts.

We hope you can help by either sharing this column or better still by joining Ravens Chix on October 13 at 6PM at Liberatore’s in Perry Hall where t-shirts, bracelets, a great gift basket and other items will be raffled and sold while celebrating life and contributing to Susan G. Komen.

Together we can help others prolong or even save their lives.

And just maybe we can help one more athlete look into a camera after a big play and say those heartwarming words just one more time – “Hi Mom!”

Details of the October 13 event at Liberatore’s can be found HERE on Facebook.


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