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Getting the best M&T Bank experience

Posted by Monday, October 17, 2011

Ola Chicas,

Yah Ravens congrats on Sunday’s win!

Hey Jen, thanks for your comments on resolving fan issues at the stadium.

I’m with you on thinking that fans should be respectful of each other and first try to handle simple issues amongst ourselves. Before complaining to security the “fry ladies” should have politely spoken to your son. However, the truth is that some fans are just plain jerks, drunk or not. We all know people who “need” to find a problem. They get satisfaction out of “making a mountain out of a mole hill”.

Not allowing your son to enjoy the game and show his excitement by occasionally popping up when he felt the need, was just ridiculous. Someone has to get the crowd on their feet, why not a young enthusiastic fan! I suggest a bit of “sugar coating” at the next game. Perhaps you can “butter” the “fry ladies” up by offering them the concession stand’s “heart healthy” dogs. They go great with a large cola and a “mound of greasy” fries! The ladies might be so grateful for the extra snacks they won’t have time to look up from their laps! Just sayin…be nice… it’s a Ravens game!

As for the drunken fans, I don’t engage in a conversation with them. I have found that addressing an issue with an intoxicated fan usually increases the disruption. Once they learn that you have a problem with them it’s like putting gas on an already out of control fire. I stay clear of them and let security know as soon as possible if there is a problem.

Speaking of people standing during the game I have a similar issue with the S.A.F.E. security guards. The stadium’s security is awesome; they really do a great job of keeping the fans safe. Their policy on how they have staff monitor the crowd during the game is tricky for me. We have great stadium seats, right next to a stairway, overlooking the corner of the end zone. We are so close to the field that when the play is at our end we can actually “high five” the players. The stadium security ensures that other fans don’t rush down the stairwell or lean the railings.

Yet what security has over looked is how annoying it is to have the S.A.F.E. staff obstruct our “prime PSL real estate”. During various times throughout the game the guards are required to stand at the rail and watch over the crowd. This problem is an issue in just a few sections of the stadium. While we appreciate security’s important role to ensure crowd control it is annoying to say the least. The guards block our view of many critical plays that happen right in front of us!

Even though when they come to the rail we are often already on our feet, we are still unable to get a clear view of the field. The guards are always very nice, aware that they are in our way and try hard to not block our view. They often squat or bend down and mention they would love to have a seat! We realize they have a job to do and we appreciate them trying to accommodate our needs.

It would be helpful if the stadium security would provide those guards who may interfere with fan viewing an alternative. Perhaps they could sit on a stool or cushion during key game moments. I accept that having security stand in front of me is a price that I may have to pay to have a safe game environment. On the other hand, I am a paying fan and the cost of a PSL and individual game tickets are expensive. I hope that the stadium will want to ensure that every fan has the finest home game experience possible. I suggest they give the guards an attractive purple and black “Ravens Roost” bench and make us all happy!

Thanks to all the S.A.F.E. security guards you do a great job!

Rave On

Kosmo Krys


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