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Posted by Monday, October 17, 2011

I love my seats for the Ravens' games. I've mentioned in the past that we are on the visitor's side near the marching band. The fans from the opposing teams are usually benign, and the Ravens fans in my section don't taunt them...not even when the Steelers fans slunk out of their seats during the third quarter with their heads bowed in shame during the first game of the real season.

Because I have such a good relationship with the PSL owners or people, such as myself who have bought season tickets from a PSL owner, I bought two additional seats this year for my sons. My boys are 14 and 16, and there is probably not too much that they would see at a game that they haven't seen on 'you tube' or online somewhere else.

For the 8:20 game against the Jets, my boys opted out of going to the game since they had school the next day. My husband and I invited two close friends, one of whom had never been to a Ravens game before. The guy who owns the 3 seats beside us sold his tickets to "a friend of a friend." Those people were so rip roaring drunk, one of them fell over straight to the ground for no reason.

I went up to my favorite purple shirt dude and complained. This group was not tipsy; they were 3 sheets to the wind. Rob, my security S.A.F.E buddy pulled the 3 people out of their seats and issued a warning. I wasn't thrilled about that. A warning for falling head first on my friend's feet? But Rob assured me that he would keep his eye on the situation.

Rob came back about two minutes later. The guys behind the drunken trio texted Rob with a complaint that the inebriated woman of the group punched him for thinking he stole her bottled water, which she was holding in her non-punching hand.

As it turned out, this trio was given one more chance to come back to their seats before they were kicked out of the game and a letter written to our PSL owning friend.

We were up in arms.

Since when is public intoxication legal? About five minutes into the first quarter, Rob came down to inform me that the trio managed to get themselves arrested before coming back to the seats.

So this Sunday, we were glad to see our regular neighbors were back in place and the new season ticket holders of the two seats behind us were also in attendance.

The game started, we were all on our feet cheering, clapping and trying to distract the Texans' offense. My younger son continued to stand as the ball went down the field, and my husband was tapped on the shoulder by a S.A.F.E. guy. It wasn't Rob. This guy didn't bother introducing himself to us; he was all business. "Sir," he said to my husband, "is this your son?" My husband said yes and the S.A.F.E. guy said that my son had to sit in his seat. My husband suggested that S.A.F.E. guy talk to my son directly; which he did.

He told my son that the proper etiquette for standing at games is that you only do so when the person in front of you stands. Fine. Lesson learned. The thing that got me? The woman sitting behind my son never tapped him on the shoulder to ask if he would sit. She went right to her cell phone and brought out the big guns.

My son sat. I was totally into the game and was standing, so I don't know what the problem was. S.A.F.E. guy came back and said that my son had to sit completely in his seat and not be half in and half out. My son was furious. "Mom! This is a Ravens game! What do you mean I can't stand?!"

I told my son to switch seats with me, and that's when I saw that the two women behind my son and husband had their laps covered with a super sized order of fries with a river of ketchup. They couldn't see over my son, and they couldn't stand because of the feed trough of fries. Okay. Common sense would dictate that a more portable sized portion of food is best. Or, you watch the game on one of the televisions set up, just for that purpose, until you have finished eating.

I had no idea if the person who owns our PSLs would get a letter of warning if S.A.F.E. guy had to come back again, so I nervously watched my son and motioned for him to sit when the person in front of him wasn't standing. This was insane. I then decided to ask the PSL owners of the three seats next to us if my son could sit/stand in one of their seats which happened to be right in front of the really tall guy that took the punch from the drunk lady at the Jets game. My son stood when he wanted and sat when he should. We all relaxed and watched the Ravens clobber the Texans.

Was my son wrong to stand when others were sitting? Probably.

Was it right for the women behind him to text the S.A.F.E. guy right off the bat without trying to explain to my son that their view was obstructed? I say no.

Some things can be handled civilly by talking it out. So, I anticipate a season of musical chairs, but I hope that the women who texted the S.A.F.E. guy realize they caused more of a disruption to the game than my son did.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. ok - that's ridiculous! This is not a dictatorship, yet! Get out the rules from your PSL and see what the protocol is for cheering on your team! One thing that I hate, it to be told when I can stand! I pay for my seat, at a Raven's game or a concert. Etiquette is just that, courtesy. Those people should get a life and watch the game from home on their big comfy couch with the extra loaded fries!


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