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Can you believe it? Wow! On Monday Night Football in front a national viewing audience and all of the NFL watching we played our most disastrous game yet.

I usually leave the Monday morning quarterbacking to other bloggers. There are plenty of men and women who break down the game play by play far better than I can. However last night’s game left me fuming and so ridiculously baffled that I have to voice my frustration.

Where to start? The oblivious is the horrible way in which the Raven O line covered Joe. It appeared that our offensive team didn’t understand the basics of how the game works. What part of protect your quarterback, get your receivers open and cover your running backs did they misunderstand? How about all of it!

How can an entire line of professional athletes forget that their job for 60 minutes a week is to protect their quarterback? And our receivers could not get out of the way of the Jaguars secondary! Who even knew that Jacksonville had a secondary we had to worry about! And to have Rice run so ineffectively and fumble was just inexcusable. And Oher with so many penalties again! It’s so hard to watch such a talented group of men play in such a horrendous way.

Then we have to take a look at Joe. Though he is an awesome athlete I don’t think he will ever be the quarterback that Baltimore needs. He doesn’t have the composure or leadership skills. Yes his line often leaves him out to dry, but by now he should have been able to compensate for them. And Cam doesn’t allow him to man up and take charge. You have to wonder why?

Is it that Cam is a control freak or that Joe just doesn’t have the skills?

Joe doesn’t appear to think on his feet. He doesn’t know how to adapt to the game as it plays out. I’m not sure that the players have confidence in Joe and see him as their leader. I do know that the fans don’t see nor do they believe it. Baltimore is a diehard football town with a hard core blue collar mentality. Like it or not, the Ravens have been known to sign on bad ass players and are perceived as a hard-hitting and dangerous team. Joe doesn’t fit that mold. The fans don’t want a “calm and cool” Joe and the Ravens need a forceful, tough guy and smash mouth Joe! Joe needs to have the leadership skills of Bart Starr and the understanding of game like that of Joe Montana.

The same goes for our coach; he is a nice, calm guy who likes to stay under the radar. He makes questionable play decisions and fails to satisfy his fans concerns. Baltimore needs a coach that will light a fire under the team! When the play goes bad the coach needs to step up, hold the players accountable and give them a plan that is comprehensive and uses their individual talents. The Ravens need play calls that show confidence, determination and character. And when a dubious play call doesn’t go as planned the coach needs to be accountable for his decision. Maybe we need to swap a John for a Jim?

Once again the defense played hard and long. Regrettably they had a tough time stopping Maurice Jones-Drew. It was also unfortunate that they weren’t able to make a game breaking defensive turnover that we needed so bad. The special teams had a tough night with a missed field goal and a short onside kick that was a misunderstood plan from the start. Though we lost because we didn’t show up for the game the NFL referees didn’t make our night any easier.

Let’s hope that the team and the coaching staff go back to the drawing board and develop a new more aggressive game plan for Sunday. All too soon we hit the road to meet up with our divisional opponents. If we continue to look like we did last night….it’s going to be a very long exasperating winter…

Rave On

Kosmo Krys


  1. Lindato Says:
  2. Never had a bad day yourself huh?

  3. I Love MY Ravens! I'm Not a "Fair Weather" Fan. As far as Joe goes, how do ya think he feels knowing that Cam has ZERO confidence in him? Why else would he be calling ALL the plays. Personally, I think Cam needs to go! We played bad, really bad. It's time to get over it and get ready for next Sunday! GO RAVENS


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