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John Harbaugh is hot and Rex Ryan is not!

Yeah, yeah I get it. This is a statement of the obvious but many of you Chix would vote to have Harbs on the Ravens sideline over the Toe Monster for this very reason alone. But even if they were equally appealing (or unappealing in the case of Ryan), I’d rather have Harbs leading our team than “Sexy” Rexy every day of the week and twice on girls night out!

Look, there’s a reason Ryan isn’t the Ravens head coach. Unless you are in Rex’s fetish social circles (and you know what I mean) the Ravens’ front office knows more about the Snack Man than any of us. Yet despite the knowledge, despite their respect for him as a defensive football mind and despite the Ravens players campaigning for Rex to get the job, owner Steve Bisciotti said, “No thank you!”

And for me it boils down to one thing – MATURITY…or lack thereof.

When Rex interviewed for the Ravens HC job, he pulled up into Brian Billick’s old parking spot labeled, “Head Coach.” And despite his resume he failed to land jobs in San Diego and Miami while others with openings weren’t even interested in interviewing him despite the Ravens willingness to allow it.

His language and disrespectfulness on HBO’s Hard Knocks; flipping off fans at an MMA event; wearing wigs at press conferences; busted on the internet for his footloose fantasies; and popping off about someone or something around the league whenever a mic neared his flappy jaws – all of it evidence of the immaturity that Bisciotti didn’t want as the face of the Ravens.

Some will love Rex, particularly the New York media who he feeds along with the fans that find him to be entertaining. But what happens if he starts to lose? In a New York second the screw will turn.

You can count on it!

So for all his gloating, his boasting, pompousness and thievery of former Ravens, I hate the New York Jets so much that there’s only one team I’d like to see them beat. You guessed it, the Terrible Taliban.

Welcome back to Baltimore Rex and don’t let the door hit you in your ample hind parts.

You know, the ones we’ll kick you in all night on Sunday!


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