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What an unlikely pair!

Posted by Saturday, October 22, 2011

NFL Football and Breast Cancer Awareness!

Lots of thoughts come into mind when I think of October. I immediately think “back to school”, cool weather football, fall leaves, sweaters, boots, my birthday and Halloween. In recent years my thoughts include the color pink and breast cancer awareness month. I’m not the only one.

I’m amazed at the extraordinary promotional campaign that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has developed (I refrain from using the term “marketing strategy” as I like to think altruistically about non-profits and don’t care for the concept of businesses increasing sales by “selling” cancer prevention ).

To stimulate awareness and support, the Komen foundation has developed the largest national run/walk fundraising event, encourages individuals to host their own passionately pink websites, and they have succeeded in collaborating with a huge number of businesses and corporations. Go to the website and take a look at their two hundred + major corporate sponsors.

The entire NFL shows support for this foundation for an entire month! What other cause do they show support for all month long? Throughout October everywhere I go there are pink ribbons and a way to make a donation. I walk into a grocery store and pink ribbons are on everything from yogurt to lunch meat to box cake mixes. Clothing lines have a “cure” line, automobile and airlines are onboard, even my much-loved Zumba fitness sponsors this worthy organization.

Even Baltimore businesses step up to do their part in spreading awareness and raise funds for “the cure”. Throughout the month local restaurants, merchants and community organizations host events and specials to support this important foundation. has designed an original long sleeve Ravens Chix tee shirt that supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

It makes me proud to see such a vast array of businesses and corporations rallying together to help stop this devastating disease. The foundation has made a major impact in preventing breast cancer by encouraging early detection, screenings and self-examination. Early diagnosis and treatment is improving and lives are being saved. Unfortunately, cancer diagnosis seems to be on the rise. More and more “warriors” are facing the fight against breast and other cancers.

When we think of October we think of breast cancer awareness month. I suggest that in the future, when we think of October we think about all of the types of cancers we may face. I hope that each of us makes a point to identify other cancer fighting foundations and show support for them. There are so many other foundations large and small that are making a difference in the lives of individuals with cancer. They also need donations and volunteers to help spread awareness.

To the NFL, BRAVO to you for proudly wearing pink! I suggest that each month the NFL identifies other important foundations and promotes them by displaying it throughout the month!

So Chicas put on your pink and purple! But let’s not forget about the peach, teal, and yellow ribbons that represent the fight against other devastating cancers. We are all in the fight to cure all cancers!

Hope to see you Monday Night at Liberatores in Perry Hall for Ravens Football!

We’ll be doing our part with these shirt sales to help but we need you too!

Rave On!

Kosmo Krys


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